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All social media accounts, separated to improve zrumbesh zemir’s performance.

All social media accounts, separated to improve zrumbesh zemir’s performance.


08 / 03 / 2021 Art 329

Zrumbesh Shaksaar (Zrumbesh Broadcasting Corporation) has seperated all social media accounts, including its YouTube channel, at insistence of user to further improve the performance of Zrumbesh Zemir.

According to Zrumbesh Shaksaar, there has been a tradition of using art and music for social and political messages.

Minhaj Mukhtar, the head of the institute, Mujahid Ghulam, the recording engineer, worked day and night and the affiliation of veteran artists like Ustad Mir Ahmad with the institute made the journey of the institute easier.

Following the promotion of Balochi and Brahvi music programs and the encouragement of new artists, new singers were also introduced last year and attention is being paid to take this forward. The hard work of the artists associated with Zrumbesh Zemir and the organization.

In view of the public popularity, Zrumbesh Shaksaar has decided to separate the social media accounts of Zrumbesh Zemir so that users can easily access their favorite albums and songs.

In this regard, a modern style website has also been launched on which all the songs released by Zrumbesh Zimer will be uploaded soon and these songs will also be available on the telegram channel in various formats.

Zrumbesh Zemir urges all users to subscribe the Zurmbesh Zemir's YouTube channel as much as possible, join the Telegram channel and encourage artists and affiliates by liking the Facebook page.

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