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A brief summary of Balochistan conflict with Pakistan

A brief summary of Balochistan conflict with Pakistan


20 / 10 / 2023 Articles 56

A brief summary of Balochistan conflict with Pakistan


Writer: Aish Baloch 


Balochistan a region divided into Pakistan, iran and Afghanistan, it's is a mineral rich territory with natural resources, minerals,oil and natural gas and historically Balochistan has a strategic importance.

The Baloch is the major ethnic group in the region with vast and ancient sociocultural and archaeological heritages with his unique code of conduct.

Balochistan was a British colony for more than a century but after the end of World War 2 the British empire withdraw from Balochistan and India. The Baloch State of Kalat declared its independence in 11th August 1947.

After short lived independence of 8th months Balochistan was occupied by the newly created religious State of Pakistan in 27th March 1948.


it has been over seven decades Balochistan is under pseudo governance of Pakistan federal government, but actually it won't be wide of the mark if it's said under the direct army control. Baloch people have been fighting for National existence for the last seventy two years,the existence which Pakistan with it's leaders and army wants to eradicate.All these years Baloch did their utmost combating to save their national identity and ruthless exploitation of Balochistan resources from Pak colonialism.


Pakistan has always tried to suppress the voice of Baloch by giving them pain, atrocities and oppression, The voice that longs for a prosperous, peacefull and free life. Pakistan from the day first has been proved an execration to it's neighbouring countries. In year 1947, Pakistan was created by British.

Baloch people are fighting for their fundamental rights and for their lost independence for years and this clash hasn't been a picnic for them.

Baloch people have accosted a lot of violence and brutalities of Pakistan, the lose has been unimaginable, even till now thousands of Baloch, it's leaders, children and women are subjected to kill and dumped policy and in intense raise in extrajudicial abductions, forced disappearances for decades people are in Pakistani torture cells. The Baloch who are missings for whom there is no signal of being dead or alive, it's rather impossible to find a Baloch family who are not under the oppression and inhumane treatment of colonial Pakistani government. whisking up students and throwing unknown dead Bodies and killing missing persons in fake encounters are very common in Balochistan. Baloch love their nation more than anything and it's their right to raise their voices aginist injustice. According to Martin Luther king "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"Baloch as being the people of illegally annexed and occupied Balochistan will always stand up against everything unconstitutional, unethical, injusticefull and unequal. it won't be a picnic for Baloch people to get victorious in this battle but Baloch are always willing to confront all brutalities for a free life even they are well aware the foe will cross the limits of atrocities as Pakistan army in order to silence the voice of freedom, fundamental rights and basic amenities of Balochistan and Baloch has crossed the limits of brutal killings, genocide and un-traceable disappearances of several thousands of Baloch people. If you take a look to the history or current circumstances of Balochistan and Baloch people, many Baloch will appear who have sacrificed their lives for a free homeland because Baloch people know well that until we give sacrifices or sweat blood over our dreams, we will never be able to achieve our fundamental rights or a free Balochistan and Baloch people have always been seen to be willing for sacrificing their comfort and lives for a prosperous, peaceful, happy and a free life and these sacrifices will never go awaste. It's ampal now living in traumatic conditions under suppression and oppressions of Pakistan Baloch people will fight tell the the last stage of their lives and always willing to sacrifice their prosperous for a free homeland even now baloch doctors, engineers, students, shepherds, poor and rich all and sundry took part in this fight for liberation and ready to sacrifice their lives for the independence of their Homeland. The day of victory isn't far now. The sacrifices and lose of Baloch people is unimaginable. Now be ready to confront Baloch people for now by hook or by crook Baloch will get their Homeland back from the cruel and barbaric Pakistan.