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It has been 14 years since my son Zakir Majeed’s enforced disappearance, My son should be brought to light - Zakir Majeed’s Mother

It has been 14 years since my son Zakir Majeed’s enforced disappearance, My son should be brought to light - Zakir Majeed’s Mother


05 / 11 / 2023 VBMP  ,  Eastern Balochistan 60

Zakir Majeed Baloch, who's been abducted and disappeared by Pakistani forces For the past fourteen years, his mother appealed during a press conference at the Quetta Press Club today that her son should be brought to public. She said, "My son Zakir Majeed's forced disappearance has been complete for 14 years now, and I can no longer bear to wait. Over the past 14 years, I have been circling this press club in the hope that someone would take mercy and provide me with information about my son, Zakir Majeed Baloch, to relieve me of a lifetime of agony. But as the years pass, Zakir Majeed's condition remains unchanged."


She continued, "Fourteen years ago, on June 8, 2009, when Zakir Majeed was taken away from Mustung Parang Abad, we set up a protest camp in front of the press club with my family for over two months, but in this country, peaceful political and democratic means of protest hold no importance. Zakir Majeed Baloch was the Senior Vice Chairman of the BSO-Azad and a student leader. For sixty days, we stayed in front of the press club, hoping that our son would be returned to us, or if he had committed any unlawful acts, he would be presented in court. However, despite our protests, he was neither returned to us nor brought before the public. For the recovery of Zakir Majeed, we also held hunger strike camps in Karachi, but we had to return disappointed from there as well. After that, we did not lose hope and organized long marches from Quetta to Karachi, and then from Karachi to Islamabad. Despite these protests and demonstrations, Zakir Majeed's release was still not possible."


Zakir Majeed Baloch's mother said, "Whether the state shows mercy or not, a mother's love for her children never ends. Now, he has been missing for 14 years, confined in prison, but as a mother, not a single day has passed without me remembering him, and throughout this time, we have continuously made efforts, in one way or another, for his recovery. I have participated in protest demonstrations in front of press clubs in Quetta, Islamabad, and Karachi for these 14 years. I am appealing to the highest authorities of this state to bring Zakir Majeed before the public, upholding their own laws, so that we can have some peace of mind regarding his safety. However, my legal and constitutional demands are also not being heard. If Zakir Majeed is involved in any crime, then why were these courts established? Whatever punishment needs to be given, should be done by the courts, but keeping him forcibly disappeared, where is the justice in that? I want to ask whether the state and its institutions are so weak that they cannot determine Zakir Majeed's crime in these 14 years, and in the name of Islam, the humanitarian laws do not permit such cruel treatment. I ask why this injustice and oppression are being carried out on us."


She further said, "I find it necessary to mention that once the officials of the state institutions came to me and inquired about my second son, Waheed. I told them under oath that my son Waheed is abroad in Dubai, but the FC has made a false statement in court that I have also mentioned Zakir Majeed in my sworn statement, stating that he is also abroad. However, this sworn statement is still present in the crime branch office, which includes this statement where I only said that my only son Waheed is abroad. On one hand, the state institutions are making false statements in Zakir Majeed's case, causing me distress, and on the other hand, they are adding to our agony by burning our household belongings, Zakir's photos, and mementos in front of our eyes. I want to ask the state, are we not the citizens of this country? In a country established in the name of Islam, why is there so much injustice happening to us?"


Finally, she appealed once again to empower their voices for her son's recovery. She said, "I have been suffering from the pain of my son's separation for fourteen years, but we have not yet received justice. The forced disappearance of Zakir Majeed will complete fifteen years. Fifteen years is not an ordinary period; it is a whole lifetime, and I have spent all these years without my son. The pain of Zakir Majeed's separation will not let me remain silent. I will continue to lead a full-fledged protest movement for the safe recovery of my son. 

"I appeal to all those individuals who have any connection to all aspects of life to support us in our ongoing struggle for Zakir Majeed's recovery. I also appeal to the United Nations human rights institutions, Pakistan's authorities, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan that the fifteen years of waiting have passed, and we cannot wait any longer. Bring my son before the public."


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