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Woman injured by unknown gunmen firing in Tump

Woman injured by unknown gunmen firing in Tump


27 / 08 / 2023 Baloch Martyrs  ,  Enforced Disappearances 105

Tump - Woman injured by unknown gunmen firing 


As per information received by Zrumbesh Media team, a waman named Zulekha Hayat,from the Tump area of Distt Kech has been injured by the firing of armed men. According to the sources, last night at 9 o'clock, unknown militants attacked the house of Muhammad Hayat in Kaurjo town of Tump, As a result of the firing, Hayat's daughter, Banuk Zulekha was injured and she has been shifted to Hospital in Turbat city for further medical assistance.


Local sources indicate that the armed attackers are associated with the local collaborator death squad of the Pakistani Army, upon the orders of the Pakistani Army they target the homes of Baloch activists, subjecting them to oppression and tyranny.


It is noteworthy that this family has always been a victim of the atrocities of the Pakistani Army and its local agents. Previously, in 2022, the Pakistani Army had forcefully abducted Zulekha Hayat along with Amir Hayat, and falsely accusing them of being insurgents.


According to local sources, Zulekha Hayat has suffered a leg injury due to the firing of the gunmen attackers, and she is currently receiving initial medical treatment at Turbat Hospital.


Family Members of Banuk Zulekha Hayat's have stated that they are constantly facing the injustices of the Pakistani Army and its local agents. Being Baloch they appeal to political, Human rights and the civil society and media persons to raise their voices against the oppression and tyranny of the Pakistani Army in order to secure their safety."