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Hunger strike camp of forcibly disappeared and martyrs completes 4761 days

Hunger strike camp of forcibly disappeared and martyrs completes 4761 days


15 / 09 / 2022 VBMP 120

National Party CC member Haji Muhammad Niaz Longo, Abdul Razzaq Marri and others came to the camp and expressed solidarity.

VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch said that several resolutions have been passed in the United Nations regarding forced disappearances, according to which any act of forced disappearances is a serious crime against human rights values ​​and laws. Enforced disappearances are violation of the UN Charter and a clear and grave violation of human rights.

Mama Qadir Baloch said that Pakistan is engaged in Baloch genocide by blackmailing the world. Since 2001, thousands of Baloch children have been abducted by Pakistani security agencies from crowded markets places, homes, passenger cars and in educational institutions, including a large number of women, children, and elderly people.

The Commission for Human Rights is also unable to take any practical steps against Pakistan and is limited to expressing concern and regret. It is against the Charter of the United Nations. If the United Nations is to find out the truth of it, then it should not listen to the propaganda of the Pakistani government and directly go and meet the families of the missing persons and the real representatives of the Baloch nation. Past Relying on false information provided by blind Pakistani operatives, no practical action has been taken against Pakistan, or emboldened by this, Pakistan will intensify human rights violations in Balochistan, which will lead to a huge humanitarian crisis. There is a risk of a crisis and all responsibility for which will be on the United Nations and international human rights organizations.