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BSO Azad releases a pamphlet on completion of seven years of forced disappearance of Shabbir Baloch

BSO Azad releases a pamphlet on completion of seven years of forced disappearance of Shabbir Baloch


04 / 10 / 2023 VBMP  ,  Baloch Martyrs 180

BSO Azad release a pamphlet on completion of seven years of forced disappearance of Shabbir Baloch


Seven years have passed since the forced disappearance of Baloch student leader Shabbir Baloch.

For the recovery of Shabbir Baloch, his family has announced to a protest demonstration rally from the Arts Council Karachi to Press Club at 4 pm today, while a Twitter campaign will be run on "X" from 7 Pm to 12 Am.


Missing Student Leader Shabir Baloch

Shabir Baloch, a student leader, embarked on his political career in 2009 with the Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO Azad). A resident of Awaran, he was elected as the President of BSO Azad Awaran zone in 2013. Subsequently, in 2015, he was chosen as a central committee member of the organization and later elected as the Central Information Secretary during the 20th central council session of the organization. He played an active role in expanding organizational activities across various regions of Balochistan.


Full Transcript of BSO Azad's pamphlet - 


"On October 4, 2016, while Shabir was engaged in an organizational visit to the Gowarkop area of Kech with his wife, Zarina Baloch, the Pakistani army launched a large-scale military operation in the region. Several people were forcibly disappeared during this operation. Over the following days, others who had gone missing were released, but Shabir remains missing to this day, after seven years.


BSO-Azad has organized multiple protest rallies and peaceful demonstrations, bringing attention to Shabir Baloch's illegal disappearance, along with other cadres and students, in various forums, including international platforms. In addition to organizational efforts, Shabir Baloch's family, particularly his sister Seema Baloch and his wife Zarina Baloch, have played a historic role in advocating for his safe release. They have submitted his disappearance case to the so-called Missing Persons Commission and Pakistani courts. The family has also staged numerous sit-ins in Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad, Hub Choki, and other locations.


Seema's struggle for the safe release of Shabir Baloch has evolved into a movement of the Baloch people seeking the safe return of their loved ones. Seema and Zarina faced threats of silence or severe consequences from the agencies and were once arrested by Karachi police during one of their protests. However, their relentless determination for Shabir Baloch's safe release has been unwavering. Various forums have expressed concerns about Shabir Baloch's illegal disappearance, but the state has shown no signs of releasing him and continues to intimidate the family into silence regarding his abduction. Seven years have passed, and there is still no trace of his whereabouts.


Shabir Baloch was an active and peaceful political activist who organized rallies and protests against the brutality of the Pakistani forces towards the Baloch people. He was a charismatic figure among student political cadres and held the position of Information Secretary within the organization when he was taken into custody by the agencies. The international community should exert pressure on Pakistani authorities to release Shabir Baloch from their illegal custody and put an end to the practice of enforced disappearances in Balochistan.


Source - BSO Azad media cell