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VBMP protests against forced disappearances and fake encounters

VBMP protests against forced disappearances and fake encounters


03 / 09 / 2023 VBMP 25

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons VBMP protested in front of Shaal Press Club against increasing enforced disappearances in Balochistan, non-recovery of missing persons and throwing the mutilated body of Ghulam Farooq Zehri in a fake competition.

In the protest demonstration, including the leaders of VBMP, relatives of Baloch missing persons, Baloch Women's Forum,Apart from Balochistan National Party BNP, Baloch Students Organization BSO workers, civil society people participated.

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Chairman Nasrullah Baloch, Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch and relatives of missing persons also addressed the demonstration. The speakers said that forced disappearances are increasing rapidly in Balochistan, once again the mutilated corpses of Ghulam Farooq Zehri, who was forcibly disappeared from Mastung, are being killed extra-constitutionally and thrown away.

He said that the investigation report of the Judicial Commission has proved that people are being forcibly disappeared in Balochistan agencies.

He said that the Commission on Missing Persons has been working for 13 years but no implementation is being seen, we have provided the list of all the missing persons at the federal level but the Parliament is also unable to use its powers.

He said that the problem of forced disappearances is a very serious problem, which has been unresolved for years.

On this occasion the family members of Baloch missing persons said that they are afraid that their loved ones may also be killed in fake encounters, if there is any charge against them, they should be presented in the courts