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Language Genocide

Language Genocide


20 / 09 / 2022 Articles 166

Written by SK Baloch/ 20.09.2022

Language genocide is supposed to be as a central aspect of cultural genocide, a serious crime against humanity. Prohibiting the use of the Balochi and Brohi language in daily interaction or in educational institutions is a continuous-wave which we have been experiencing since our childhood destroying the use of libraries, schools and other museums directly and indirectly.

No doubt, Language is the first powerful creativity that created man and helped to express. Language has weaponized the roots of thinking for further creativities. Since then human beings are creating different languages and different language contacts, through which, sometime, pidgin( a language comes from diversification of different languages such as Russernk, a language spoken by Norwegian and Russian while they go on fishing; otherwise it is in limited area) or creole( a nativized-language that has its own native speakers and Grammar structures which also emerge from language contact but it is used in limitless areas) emerges because of the different language contact ( language contact occurs from different languages such as Indo-European, Indo-Iranian and Indo-Aryan languages from which different languages emerged).

According to some linguists Balochi language is from Indo-Iranian family and some other linguists claim that Balochi language may be from Indo-Aryan family, and some say it belongs to Indo-European family; but it is still not well clarified from which language contact it emerged out. In this regard, Baloch historians say that Balochi language has just been borrowing linguistic items( such as words, phrases, and morphemes) from other languages for surviving; otherwise this language’s credits refer to Balochs themeselves because Baloch nation has a richest history about which Herodotus, father of history, wrote. Also, Baloch historians themeselves wrote on the Mehrgadh, a civilization from that Baloch nation belongs, that claim Baloch nation has been existing in Balochistan for more than eleven hundreds years. Along with, Doctor Shah Muhammad Marri writes, more than twelve languages Baloch nation has. Brohi language is also that is less prestigious due to lack of language institutions where Balochi language is being instrumentalized by different linguists and literary figures. But question rises why do other linguists and writers write the Balochi language’s words in a different direction? Why do people not concentrating on Balochi and Brohi language? First, question is answered that there ( may he other new linguists but we have not seen so)are only one well-known linguist( Doctor Naguman) after Sayed Zahoor Shah Hashmi. But he is not here; therefore, Balochi language speakers and writers are using some words that are not still translated nor translated-words and phrases may not be spreading to other because every person may not have access to internet and their writings may not be being read by him so, who can take the mistakes? There are well-known educated persons; but they are doing what everyone knows that some are teaching English language, some are teaching Urdu and some have got usued to speaking English or urdu in front of their own family members what a shame! It is their language attitude about which they have beliefs if they have a negative attitude to language that they definitely not be ashamed of act because their bodies and minds both don’t present them but present others, colonialists or imposed powers,using language gives more concepts about the culture and history of the people whose language is spoken. Like English language has been ruling over the minds of people for centuries what it is doing that we see from new generation(children are being educated in the dominant language, minority children educated mainly through the medium of the dominant language and ignoring the mother tongue). That is all because of the influences of other languages and institutions that have been threating to not only Balochi and Brohi but also to other languages that are spoken by Baloch people.when one person learns second language, English, so suddenly other is being influenced by his/her personality because of this language; after that, he/she starts learning so. Now, thousands well-educated youths are on the surface of this precious earth; but few are interested in learning their mother tongue, Balochi, which becomes a new debate why these speakers, Brohi speakers and Balochi speakers, are being afflicted with colonial virus,I mean speaking English or urdu.

Similarly, the one nation curriculum, a new curriculum in which the word Baloch is Balochi and some other words have been written that we ourselves don’t know then how do Punjabi writers or speakers, have no interaction with us and can’t express a word of our language, doing so ?,is based on one nation, religious nation,; but, above this I pinned own, Baloch belongs to Mehrgadh, a civilization, through bones and other human organs archaeologists, scientists and historians found out Baloch nation has been living on this earth for more than eleven years. Its witness is doctor Farooque’s Book, Baloch aor unka watan. In contrast, every Baloch student or any figure speaks that we are “Balochs” or not Balochis; because the word “Balochi” refers to language only where we call our language “Balochi language.” Actually, this is so called Language genocide. This is not a new chapter about which we are discussing now it has been using to convert us into animal minds or animals as well. From the day we have been resisting against such aggressive attitude of Punjabi speakers and other tactical strategists. Concussion: Language is the instrument of expression through which human can express himself/herself. But now Balochi and Brohi languages are in danger due to the other dominant languages, English and Urdu. Educational institutions or other institutions are further demoralizing the Balochi and Brohi language due to the current educated youths.

One nation curriculum which we ourselves are surprised downgrading Balochi and Brohi language though different unknown-attachable linguistics items.