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Hunger strike and VBMP camp complete 4819 days

Hunger strike and VBMP camp complete 4819 days


12 / 11 / 2022 VBMP 105

Among those who expressed solidarity, political social worker Muhammad Khan Zafarullah Baloch from Kalat and other men and women participated and expressed solidarity with them while the family of Javed Shams, who was forcibly disappeared from Quetta on August 31, 2021, also present in the camp and they have appealed for the recovery of Javed Shams in a video message.

VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch addressed the delegation and said that the authorities have forgotten that every day the dead body of a young man is being found in mountains, deserts and forests. Could a few coins get the mothers of these martyrs back to them, these old parents would have relaxation and contentment when their loved ones would be recovered.

Mama Qadir Baloch has further said that if there is value for humanity, there is equality, there is no bribery, then they will feel peace, If thousands of young people suffering torture in torture cells had accepted benefits and salaries, they would not have been martyred, If the youth locked in torture cells had accepted the privileges, today their parents, siblings and fathers would not have protested and demonstrated in the hunger strike camps holding pictures of their loved ones in front of Karachi press clubs.

During the Baloch Genocide, this so-called democratic government deprived the Baloch nation of such great personalities who were more dear to the Baloch nation than privileges and salaries.

Mama Qadeer Baloch has said that Pakistan is continuing its terrorist activities in Balochistan, enforced disappearances of peaceful strugglers and national survival continued constantly, the sacrifices of Baloch children would be remembered in history. Due to peaceful struggle, Pakistan is not able to weaken the peaceful struggle of Baloch children by kidnapping and throwing mutilated bodies with its terrorist activities.