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VBMP and the hunger strike camp compeletes 4910 days

VBMP and the hunger strike camp compeletes 4910 days


03 / 01 / 2023 VBMP 46

Abdul Jabbar Baloch, Noor Ahmed from Shaal and Baloch people of every school of thought came to the camp, expressed their solidarity with the bereaved.

On this occasion, VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch addressed the delegations and said that we want to bring the most important things to the notice of the United Nations which will help in the guidance.

The issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan has become very serious and the series of disappearances continues with frequency.

According to the reports of the relatives of the disappeared persons and the organization of VBMP, since 2001, more than 55 thousand Baloch political activists have been forcibly disappeared, and thousands of them are going through painful stages in the custody of secret agencies. Thousands of Baloch have been martyred.

Mama Qadeer Baloch said that in 2011, the Supreme Court of Pakistan took notice of the issue, but despite repeated hearings, only one missing person was recovered. The hearing of the Supreme Court is just a waste of time and media hype that the Supreme Court was also comforting the families of the missing persons at the behest of the Pakistani rulers or the Supreme Court itself is helpless in front of these influential institutions, in both cases the missing persons. There is no hope of improvement in the matter.

He said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan was limited to the extent of warning in the recovery of enforced disappearances, although the court had given a period to the FC to produce the missing persons within so many days but the intelligence agencies and any of the warnings of the FC court. Without care, more people were forcibly abducted and their mutilated bodies were thrown away, just like the people of East Timor were abducted, disappeared and killed in Indonesia, rejecting the decisions of the court on the issue of East Timor.

The situation is the same in Balochistan, just as the occupying agencies were unrestrained in East Timor, in the same way in Balochistan, the secret agencies are also playing the role of cruelty.