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Shaal: Mahal Baloch granted bail by Shaal court.

Shaal: Mahal Baloch granted bail by Shaal court.


12 / 05 / 2023 Enforced Disappearances 35

Shaal court gave bail to Mahal Baloch, who was forcibly abducted from her house in Shaal and accused of being a suicide bomber by CTD.

CTD accused Mahal Baloch of carrying a suicide vest, but her family and students protested the allegations.

Demonstrations held in Balochistan against enforced disappearance of Mahal Baloch and fake allegations, political and social circles are rejecting the arrest of Mahal Baloch.

Baloch parliamentary parties, including the government, criticized for forced disappearance and detention of Mahal Baloch by citizens.

The protesters termed the targeting of Baloch women a “collective punishment” and demanded an end to such incidents in Balochistan.

The protests held in Balochistan, activists and human rights groups gathered to speak out against the targeting of Baloch women. The protesters condemned such incidents, terming them as "collective punishment" and demanded an immediate end to such atrocities.