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BNM Identifies Mufti Shah Meer and the State as Culprits Using Religion to Disguise Murder of Abdul Rauf Barkat

BNM Identifies Mufti Shah Meer and the State as Culprits Using Religion to Disguise Murder of Abdul Rauf Barkat


07 / 08 / 2023 BNM 49

Baloch National Movement (BNM) has condemned the brutal killing of student and teacher Abdul Rauf Barkat in Kech, stating that Mufti Shah Meer, under the influence of the Pakistani army, played a role in the heinous crime. The BNM emphasizes that the true responsibility lies with the Pakistani state and its military. This incident is part of a larger pattern of violence and targeted killings in Balochistan that cannot be ignored. The BNM asserts that when justice and accountability prevail, Pakistan must answer for each of these murders.

The spokesperson further reveals that Mufti Shah Meer, presenting himself as a religious scholar, has been implicated in multiple murders of Baloch individuals in the past. His actions are intended to sow division and unrest within Baloch society, at the command of the state. The murder of Abdul Rauf Barkat is just another testament to this ongoing violence. It is important to note that throughout history, the Baloch nation has lived peacefully without any incidents of religious persecution or criticism targeted at religious figures.

Additionally, the BNM highlights the secular nature of Baloch society, which embraces individuals of various religious backgrounds, including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, and others. Unlike the violence that occurred during the Partition of India, Balochistan has remained untouched by religious extremism due to its long-standing commitment to religious tolerance. Preserving this unity and protecting society from radicalism is of paramount importance.

The spokesperson mentions that Baloch scholars have historically spoken out against the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan. In the current movement against the occupation, Pakistan has employed a multi-faceted strategy to suppress the national movement, including exploiting religion. Initially, attempts were made to incite religious animosity against the Baloch through divisive tactics. However, these efforts have been unsuccessful. Consequently, criminal elements disguised as religious figures, along with jihadist groups, have been allowed to openly commit crimes in Baloch society with the support of the military. Shah Meer, known for his criminal activities, has been entrusted with their guardianship in Makuran.

The BNM spokesperson firmly states that The Pakistani army, masquerading as religious groups, has been responsible for numerous deaths throughout Balochistan. Additionally, they have targeted and destroyed ancient shrines and places of worship. Despite their intentions to fuel religious animosity, the Baloch nation has rallied together to denounce these actions, demonstrating that Pakistan cannot erode the Baloch nation's identity, tolerance, and secular mindset under the guise of religion.