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Saba Festival by BSAC at Panjgur

Saba Festival by BSAC at Panjgur



Saba Literary Festival was organized by Baloch Students Action Committee(BSAC)

In memory of Professor Saba Dashtiyari at the Cultural Center in Panjgur.

During the event, participants expressed their thoughts about Saba Dashtiyari's life and paid tribute to his contributions to the Balochi language, literature, and culture. A documentary film was also presented, showcasing moments from his life.

Book stalls in the name of "Balochistan Kitan Karwaan" were set up during the festival, and Baloch artists displayed their paintings. Various cultural shows were also presented. Dr. Mahrang Baloch, Tahir Hakeem, Altaf Baloch, Professor Akbar Ghumshad, Balach Bali, Fozia Baloch(CC Member of BSAC) , and others addressed the audience. They highlighted how Saba Dashtiyari symbolized the preservation and promotion of the Balochi language, literature, and culture throughout his life.

Apart from his literary works he was highly involved in Baloch politics. He himself was an institution, Baloch Youth should carry the ideology of Saba dashtiyari in a practical version.Presence of such crowd symbolizes that Saba is immortal.As a nation Baloch has not forgotten national heroes.

Baloch Artists Professor Abdul Hafeez, Kamanchar Baloch, Noor Fatima, Rabia Baloch, Maheen Baloch, Saeed Baloch, Muheem Baloch, Hidayath Baloch and Maliha Baloch exhibited their arts. The event included poetry in which Akbar Ghamshaad, Sadiq Rachaar, Zubair Wahag, Zakir Zaheer and others presented their poetry.

Event was concluded with Musical Segment in which Beebagar Baloch, Nadir Aslam,Masroor Baloch, Kamal Baloch and Mehran Dilwari participated.


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