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Two A1 shell fires at Grade Station in Panjgur-BLF

Two A1 shell fires at Grade Station in Panjgur-BLF


04 / 08 / 2022 BLF 77

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Gwahram Baloch claimed responsibility for the attack on the Frontier Corps (FC) post at Grade Station in Panjgur.

Balochistan Liberation Front's freedom fighters fired two A-1 shells at the Frontier Corps (FC) post yesterday on 3rd August at 9:30 PM, which is established in Panjgur area of ​​Sand-e-Sar Grad Station.

Both the shells fell inside the targeted outpost by which personnel of FC got injured and financial losses

Gwahram Baloch said that the deviant forces started firing indiscriminately after the attack, BLF's urban guerilla fighters were capable to attack the enemy forces with eminent war tactics and get out safely.

"Our such sort of attacks on the occupying forces will continue till the independence of occupied Balochistan”, Gwahram Baloch said.