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European commission should enforce GSP + and ask Pakistan to repeal the draconian blasphemy law

European commission should enforce GSP + and ask Pakistan to repeal the draconian blasphemy law


14 / 12 / 2021 Report 189

European commission should enforce GSP + and ask Pakistan to repeal the draconian blasphemy law, sections 295C-D of Pakistan Penal code (PPC). Due to which the dissidents are being mercilessly killed by the state apparatus and religious fanatics as a tool of state policy also. Enough is enough.

Pakistan is an Irresponsible country, it does not implementing those international human rights law which she has ratified and signed as a State Party: international covenant on civil and political rights, international covenant on economic and social rights, and convention on torture and so forth. it made commitments with the members states of United Nations.

In Pakistan forced disappearances is a burning issue in particular across Balochistan thousands innocent Baloch including children, women are languishing in military concentrations.

The UN working group reiterated its previous calls that the crime of enforced disappearance be expressly included in Pakistan's criminal code. This is deplorable as Pakistan had accepted a recommendation made during its, 2012 Universal Periodic Review to make the seriousness of the crimes do not communicate. But regrettably Pakistan has not fulfilled its pledged commitment.

In 2017 it made commitments but none was fulfilled by it, which reveals its immaturity and irresponsibility among the civilized countries.

Therefore the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court yesterday expressed his harsh remarks against government, in particular chief executive namely prime minister of country during hearing of a missing person case. But we have past such experiences by the remarks and observations of the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, but all went in vain. Crucial example is fugitive and convicted General Musharraf how by illegimate support of military he fled from Pakistan.

In nutshell in Pakistan the chief executive of country and chief Justice of Supreme Court have not dare to fulfill their constitutional entrusted responsibilities, precisely because those who are perpetrating the crime of forced disappearances which is a crime against humanity are belong with security forces. The state and national judiciary are unwilling or unable to exercise its criminal jurisdiction over military personnel who are responsible for the crime of forced disappearance.

Putting an an end to impunity by mob on the pretext of derogatory remarks in respect of holy Qur’an and so forth and forced disappearances

Actually both odious and obnoxious crimes are often being committed on large scale, and on the basis of state policy.

Conclusively, it is suggested that European Commission should suspend (GSP+) status unless and until Pakistan not repeal the draconian blasphemy law and to ratify International Convention for the protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance or incorporate forced disappearances crime into the criminal code of Pakistan.