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PKK’s struggle is alive, vibrant, and continues- Mako Qoçgirî

PKK’s struggle is alive, vibrant, and continues- Mako Qoçgirî


21 / 09 / 2022 World 215

Kurdish political expert Mako Qoçgirî in the Berlin Conference of Baloch National Movement (BNM) said that Kurds are about 45 million people - divided into four countries. In all four countries, Kurds were one way or another way persecuted. They have been denied even knowing their history and language. These states are tired of obliterating their national identity.

Qoçgirî, also draws light on the emergence of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) which originated from the movement of '68 in Turkey.

He added: “This movement was internationalist from the beginning and Öcalan played a significant role in first convincing two Turkish socialists to form a united front for Kurd national freedom.Ultimately PKK prepared for the armed struggle in Syria and Lebanon, and started the fight for freedom in 1984. This struggle is alive, vibrant, and continues until today.”

Mako also sheds light on human rights violations and Turkish war crimes. Turkey launched a dirty war and around 4000 villages were destroyed as well as 17000 people were killed.

He asserted that PKK initially fought to form a free and socialist Kurdish state. However, from the mid-90s search for a political solution within Turkish state borders.

Mako also narrated the formation of the national movement in South Kurdistan and the mass genocide of Kurds, “180,000 Kurds killed in a murderous campaign by the Baath regime in the late 1980s. About 5,000 people were murdered in one fell swoop in 1988 with a poison gas attack in the city of Halabja alone.”

He Said “Our political line (North Kurdistan) is fundamentally different from the political project in South Kurdistan in Iraq. Our principles are based on democracy, the equality of women and all peoples and religious communities, and ecological consciousness.”

Qoçgirî also added, “our aim and goal is even the democratization of the region. Today we are working with all the peoples of the region who are fighting for democracy and freedom. We see it as our responsibility to promote the struggle for democracy and freedom throughout the region. This is also the reason why today Turkey, as well as other international powers, are fighting against our movement. They see our project as a threat to their own power structures.”

He maintained, “the peoples in the region are behind our model. Today Rojava is hope for all people in the world who are convinced that another world is possible.”

Mako Qoçgirî suggested working together with the Baloch nation and other oppressed nations, “Let us learn together and mutually from our struggles and strengthen our solidarity.”

At the end of his speech he not only thanked the audience but also wished the BNM a successful conference.

Source: Staff reporter | Photo: BNM