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Enemy agent eliminated in Zehri - BLA

Enemy agent eliminated in Zehri - BLA


15 / 09 / 2023 BLA 23

Jeehand Baloch spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army stated that the freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army eliminated Zahoor Lotani, a key agent of occupying Pakistani military in Zehri Kohn area of Khuzdar.

Zahoor Lotani, under direct supervision of occupying Pakistani military, was involved in several crimes against Baloch nation. He acted as an informant for occupying forces in Khuzdar and Gwadar. For aiding enemy forces in raiding civilian homes and forcibly disappearing Baloch youth, Zahoor Lotani was granted full impunity to carry out his drugs business.

In 2019, he gave information to the occupying forces and aided in enforced disappearance of a freedom fighter of an allied organisation from Zehri Bazar. Zahoor Lotani was warned three times to stop his criminal activities but he continued.

For his treasonous crimes, Zahoor Lotani was sentenced to death by a Baloch national court. This sentence was carried out by BLA fighters yesterday. Other members of Zahoor Lotani’s network are also at the target of BLA.

"Anyone that commits national treason will not be spared. Our attacks against occupying forces and their collaborators will continue", Jeehand Baloch said.