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Pakistani army shocked by the attacks of Baloch Freedom Fighters

Pakistani army shocked by the attacks of Baloch Freedom Fighters


31 / 01 / 2022 Report 361


The freedom struggle has intensified in Balochistan. Frightened by the continuous attacks of Baloch Freedom Fighters, even the bones of the Pakistani army have started to shudder. The situation is that the Pakistani army stationed at the posts considered to be safe is always terrorized by an unknown fear. On the evening of 25th January, at least 17 soldiers were attacked by Baloch Freedom Fighters on Pakistani army posts in Kech, Balochistan. Special report of Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan from Gwadar-

Location - Makuran. Date-25 January, Time - 6 pm. Due to snowfall in the northern areas of Balochistan, the cold had increased very much. It was evening, but the sun was still shining. The soldiers posted at the Pakistani Army post at Kahir Kaur, about one and a half kilometers from Sebdan village in Tehsil Dasht of Kech district, were feeling the setting rays of the sun. After being alert for the whole day in the state of tension, some soldiers must have thought of resting for the night when Baloch Freedom Fighters suddenly attacked them from many directions. The attack was so severe and unexpected that the Pakistani soldiers did not get a chance to recover and in the very first attack, most of the soldiers were killed, only one managed to escape with his life. 13 soldiers present at the check post were killed in this attack.

The Sarmachars seized weapons and burned down the check post before military aid arrived, the smoke of which could be seen from a kilometer and a half away. The additional troops coming to help the soldiers were also attacked by the Baloch Freedom Fighters, in which two bikes were damaged and four soldiers on them were also killed. Roughly 17 soldiers of Pakistan were killed in this attack. Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Balochistan Liberation Front is the first such armed resistance organization of Baloch political activists, whose leadership works collectively rather than in the hands of an influential tribal or powerful person. The specialty of this organization is that it does not make exaggerated claims, but deliberately avoids mentioning its strategy. The organization's leadership also tolerated the media campaign to malign the BLF's image after the abduction and martyrdom of Rahmdil Mari, a member of the organization's command council. It thwarted the forces and conspirators that pushed the Baloch national movement to the brink of destruction and eventually forged an alliance with its former opponents known as 'Brass'.

Let us tell you that Sebdan is not only on the Iran-Pakistan border, but also at a distance of 181 km from the nearest Tarin area. It is a big deal to penetrate 5 km inside the military-held area. The story of infiltration can be made up, but it is not easy to prove it. Baloch Freedom Fighters do not use vehicles in these areas. Had they tried to cross the border with the confiscated weapons and the body of their martyred comrade, it would have taken them almost 36 hours without stopping.

Sebdan, just 60 kms from Turbat, is easily accessible in an hour by a normal vehicle. Meanwhile there are also Pakistani army camps and check posts from where it is easy to send timely aid to soldiers and Kahir Kaur check post. Help arrived in time to the soldiers, but the Baloch Freedom Fighters not only drove them away, but also caused most of the casualties.

The area of ​​Sebdan is close to the Mirani Dam. This area of ​​Balochistan is not densely populated. There are small villages here, that too far and wide. Pakistani army is deployed on most of the dams and reservoirs of Balochistan. From this it is easily understood that in extreme circumstances, the army thinks of using water as a weapon against the local population.

The check post at Kahir Kaur was relatively safe for the enemy. So it was a relatively difficult target for the Baloch Fighters. Anyway, even in safe havens in Balochistan, Pakistani soldiers are restless, as the Baloch are experts in revolutionary guerrilla warfare, the world's most dangerous fighting technique. The Pakistani army has carried out several attacks on the local population. These include torture of Baloch activists, forcibly disappearing after detaining people and throwing their mutilated bodies.

The Pakistani army has always known that it cannot compete with the Baloch revolutionaries in the mountains. Therefore, he put all the emphasis on the elimination of sympathizers of Baloch Freedom Fighters and political activists who supported independence in the urban area. In these brutal acts, houses were burnt, women were raped and they were punished collectively. It then left no stone unturned to destroy the social and political fabric by setting up a local death squad in the area. From time to time the ISPR made claims that the Baloch Freedom Fighters had broken their backs and had fled. But the Freedom Fighters soon shattered the illusion of the Pakistani army. In Balochistan, there were more deadly attacks on the Pakistani army.

The Baloch armed freedom fighters launched even more systematic attacks and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. Makuran had already become important to the enemy because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Freedom Fighters started targeting the main military cantonments and posts, and with a few attacks, the entire strategy of the Pakistani army was made of sand.