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Tribute to Commander Major Muhammad Karim alias Mulla Bahram and his colleagues. BLF

Tribute to Commander Major Muhammad Karim alias Mulla Bahram and his colleagues. BLF


28 / 02 / 2023 BLF 34

Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front, has said that on February 22, 2023, a group of BLF fighters under the command of Commander Major Muhammad Karim alias Mullah Bahram attacked a convoy of four vehicles of the occupying Pakistani army with rockets and automatic weapons between mokandar and dokop area of Mand in Kech at 2:30 PM.

In the attack, seven enemy army personnel were shot down several others were injured.

In the attack, the vehicles of the enemy army were also damaged a lot. After the successful attack, Sarmachar retreated into the mountain range of Mazan Band. In response, the occupying Pakistani army launched a major ground and air operation on the same day and fired missiles at Sarmachar's hideout early the next day. As a result, Commander Major Muhammad Karim alias Mulla Bahram, son of Haji Shay Muhammad, resident of Goburd Mand, Hazza alias Meril, son of Muhammad Saleh, resident of Gwak Mand. Lt. Talib alias Kamancher son of Yasin resident of Mehirmand, Jalal a.k.a. Barmish, son of Hasan, resident of Talambid, Shahzad aka Chirag, son of Maula Baksh, resident of Gumazi Tumpa, Asif alias Junaid, son of Hebtan, resident of Darchko Dasht, was martyred on the spot And LtManzoor alias Kya, son of Shafi Muhammad, resident of Balochabad Mand, Maula Bakhsh alias Ghafar son of Karim Bakhsh, resident of Durchkoh Dasht were injured who fought the enemy for several hours. But could not leave due to injuries and finally martyred.

While the two colleagues responsible for the security of colleagues remained safe.

After a long skirmish with the ground forces of the occupying army, they managed to break through the enemy's siege and reach their friends safely.

Martyr Commander Major Mulla Bahram was a brave and experienced Sarmachar who joined BLF as Sarmachar in 2008. As a member of the Regional Command Council, he has been guiding and training Sarmachars in Makuran for many years. Due to his ability and experience, in 2019, the organization entrusted him with the responsibility of camp commander. Under his command, Sarmachars struck the enemy many times. It should be noted that Major Muhammad Karim alias Mullah Bahram has served on the war front in different areas of Balochistan.

Martyred Hazza aka Meeril joined BLF as a Sarmchar in 2017 and continued to serve in Urban Networks. He joined the camp on August 8, 2022. He was a brave and experienced fighter.

Martyred Lt. Manzoor Baloch joined the ranks of BLF in 2013 as Sarmchar. Due to his bravery and skill, he was given the responsibility of  lieutenant in the organisation.

Martyred Lt. Talib alias Kamancher joined the ranks of BLF in 2008 and due to his long association with the organization and his bravery, skills, he was given the responsibility of lieutenant in the organization.

Martyred Jalal Jan alias Barmsh joined BLF on May 6, 2021. He was an energetic, brave and tough fighter.

Martyred Shehzad alias Chirag joined BLF on 9 October 2022, as Sarmachar he was involved in the independent movement since 2013. He was an experienced, hard-working and sincere Sarmachar.

Martyred Asif alias Junaid joined BLF on 1st December 2022 as Sarmachar he was active in independent struggle since 2014. He was an experienced and brave comrade.

Martyred Maula Bakhsh alias Ghafar joined BLF in 2021 and since 2017 he has been serving on various war fronts as Sarmachar in an independent Movement. He was a fearless and experienced freedom fighter.

BLF appreciates the struggle, commitment and sacrifices of Commander Major Muhammad Karim alias Mullah Bahram and his associated martyrs for Baloch national freedom, pays homage to them and reiterates his commitment that the mission of the martyrs will be continued till the independence of Balochistan.