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BLF targets forces in Gomazi and military company in Buleda

BLF targets forces in Gomazi and military company in Buleda


28 / 11 / 2022 BLF 65

Balochistan Liberation Front targeted an army post in Gomazi and FWO machinery in Buleda.

BLF spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch has said in a statement released to the media that the Sarmachars fired several A-1 shells at the Pakistan army post in Gomazi area of ​​Kech on the night of November 27, which fell on their targets.

Said post has been established by the Pakistani army by occupying the house of Martyred Jahangir Baloch and the same post of Pakistani army was targeted by the freedom fighters during building up more fronts.

Fighters of BLF target the post with A1 shells due to which the FC personnel got loss of life and property.

He further said that the Sarmachars targeted the machinery of the Military Construction Company (FWO) in Buleda area of ​​Kech at 8 am this morning in Dambani Kaur area with a landmine by which three people working for the enemy state got injured.

The organization has earlier warned the contractors to stay away from the projects and support the occupying forces otherwise they will be responsible for their risk, lives and property.

"They appeal to the local people to avoid working for these imperialist and state-backed people", he said.