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Mubarik Kazi the great poet of Balochi Language passed away

Mubarik Kazi the great poet of Balochi Language passed away


16 / 09 / 2023 Eastern Balochistan 33

Mubarak Qazi, commonly known as Aba Qazi, was a renowned poet of the Balochi language. However, sadly, he passed away on Saturday, 16th September 2023.

The news was announced by Radio Zarambash Urdu. It has been reported that Qazi Mubarak was staying as a guest at Babu Alam's house in Turbat when he passed away late at night. Currently, his body is being prepared to be transported from Turbat to Pasni.

The death of Qazi Mubarak has been confirmed by Asghar Mehram, a Balochi language poet. Asghar Mehram stated that Aba Qazi was staying at Babu Alam's house in Singani Sar and that he died there.

Qazi Mubarak had predicted his own death in a literary letter that he wrote to Qutb-ul-Ghais Mir Sagar during the same week. In the letter, he mentioned his deteriorating health and weakness, expressing that he was very weak and often unable to leave his bed or feel the desire to eat or drink.

Mubarak Qazi, who was affectionately called Aba Qazi in Balochi literature, held a prominent position in the poetry world. For fifty years, his poetry greatly influenced Balochi literature and will be remembered for many centuries to come.

Additionally, he dedicated himself to the Baloch movement and contributed significantly to the preservation and promotion of the Balochi language.