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Enemy agent eliminated and communication tower destroyed - BLA

Enemy agent eliminated and communication tower destroyed - BLA


12 / 03 / 2023 BLA 59

Freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army eliminated an agent of occupying Pakistani military and destroyed a communications tower.

Jeehand Baloch spokesman of BLA said On 18 February 2023, BLA fighters detained two suspicious people, Behram and Ali Jan, from Kelkor, Kech during a routine patrol. Upon interrogation, Behram confessed that he wanted to penetrate into Baloch pro-independence organisations.

Behram s/o Gul Mohammad, resident or Aabsir Turbat, admitted that he had been working as an informant and collaborator of Pakistani military since a long time. Now on orders of enemy forces, he was trying to join Baloch pro-freedom organisations to gather intelligence.

"He confessed that he had been informing Pakistani military regarding Baloch freedom fighters, and most recently he was involved in forcible disappearances of two innocent Baloch youth from Turbat", Jeehand Baloch said.

After interrogations and Behram’s confession, he was sentenced to death by Baloch national court. His death sentence was delivered in Dandaar, Kech. Whereas, tte court decision regarding Ali Jan will be made soon.

In a separate attack, BLA fighters destroyed a communications tower in Nemargh, Kand area of Kalat.

The tower was being used by Pakistani military for military and intelligence gathering purposes.

"BLA will continue its operations until full withdrawal of Pakistani occupying forces from Balochistan",he said.

Jeeyand Baloch, spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army