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Two State informants Rashid Adam and Ashraf Gajian eliminated-BLF

Two State informants Rashid Adam and Ashraf Gajian eliminated-BLF


20 / 09 / 2023 BLF 63

Balochistan Liberation Front, through its spokesperson Major Gwhram Baloch, claims responsibility for the killing of two state informants, namely Seth Abdul Rasheed and Ashraf son of Gajian.

Seth Abdul Rasheed was allegedly involved in drone attacks and acted as an informant and drug dealer for the Pakistani army. Ashraf son of Gajian was accused of spying on the Baloch national movement and assisting the Pakistani Army in its movement. Seth Abdul Rasheed, a state informant and drug dealer, was the main performer, responsible for the May 12 drone strikes on the organization's fighters (Major Asmi Wafa and comrades ) and their martyrdom. Seth Abdur Rasheed with the support of Seth Shakir, Resident of Jat Kolwah, assisted the Pakistani Army in tracing their location by putting a tracking device in the organization's resources.

The organization states that it has evidence of Seth Abdul Rasheed's involvement in the drone attacks and his collaboration with the Pakistani army. The evidence of this is safe with the organization and when necessary, the facts are presented to the public and they are informed.

State informer Seth Abdul Rasheed was spying on the Baloch national movement by acting as an enemy facilitator against Baloch national interests to get help from the army in his drug business.

On September 13, in another intelligence-based operation, the fighters of BLF arrested a tool of Pakistani Army, Ashraf son of Gajian resident of Toba Sakkhan. During interrogation, national criminal Ashraf son of Ghajian confessed that he was directly involved with the Army of Pakistan's aggression at Gichk, Soler and Raghe. While at the same places, he also took part in identifying the routes of the organization's comrades and blocking the routes. After the national criminal's confession, the organization court awarded him the death sentence, which was carried out.

The Balochistan Liberation Front appeals to the Baloch nation to avoid becoming a part of the conspiracies of state agents like them who, under the guise of humanitarianism, use innocent people as shields to support their ulterior state ambitions for a few bucks.

We warn all these state informers and death squad operatives that they are part of the conspiracies against the Baloch National Movement on the state front.

The Balochistan Liberation Front maintains that it has information and details against those involved in conspiracies against the Baloch national movement. The organization issues warrants against such individuals and seeks to bring them to justice. He also warns other state informants and death squad operatives to refrain from targeting innocent people for personal gain and serving the state's ulterior ambitions.

Balochistan Liberation Front proclaims its commitment to protecting Baloch national interests and holding accountable those who work against the Baloch nation, society, and freedom movement.

Major Gahram Baloch, as the spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front, reaffirms the organization's responsibility for the killings mentioned and warns all state apparatuses involved in crimes against the Baloch people that they will face severe punishment.