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Corona, critical situation of Kech and Gwadar

Corona, critical situation of Kech and Gwadar


27 / 07 / 2021 Report 271


In Makran's Kech and Gwadar Districts new type of corona delta variant is currently spreading rapidly, engulfing thousands of people over the past several days, deaths occurring on a daily basis. But due to the lack of basic health facilities in hospitals and prevention of its spread at the government level, people are dying in agony.

According to sources in Tump, there have been 15 deaths in past week due to Corona, while the one and only government hospital in Tump does not have bed space available to admit more Corona patients even Corona testing kits are not available.

No significant steps have been taken by the  government to curb this dangerous global epidemic, they have left people helpless to die in this critical condition. There are no special medical facilities by the health department in both highly effected districts, No isolated rooms, ventilators and even oxygen are not available in the hospitals and dispensers of Turbat and Gwadar areas.

The teaching hospital in Turbat is in dire need of medical staff and paramedics but no deployment is being made yet, after it's a clear emergency situation in city.

According to local sources from Turbat, the coronavirus vaccine has become very rare at the DHQ, a major government hospital in Turbat city.  People line up from morning eight to eleven in the morning, two hours later someone comes and announces that the vaccine is not available, come tomorrow and the next day when you go for vaccination again same situation.

The borders are closed, on the other hand, there is the Corona Lockdown, the people are being harmed instead of being vaccinated or treated.

The state and public representatives are silent spectators in this state of affairs.

The condition of government hospitals in Balochistan are worse. In government dispensaries, oxygen or ventilators are not available for corona patients, neither a patient get panadol.

In Makran, people in every house are affected due to Delta variant, a very dangerous type of Corona. Poor people do not have much money and facilities and can't afford to to take their patients to Karachi or bigger cities. In this situation, it was necessary to impose emergency at the government level, but No significant steps have been taken since,

The World Health Organization (WHO) should provide immediate assistance to the people affected by Corona in Kech and Gwadar districts of Balochistan and not leave them at the mercy of the Pakistani state.  Help people in areas affected by corona and vaccinate people, by sending health team to these areas.