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BYC(Karachi) Strongly Condemns Ongoing Enforced Disappearances in Karachi and Balochistan, Pakistani State Agencies’ Actions Raise Doubts Over Peaceful Intentions

BYC(Karachi) Strongly Condemns Ongoing Enforced Disappearances in Karachi and Balochistan, Pakistani State Agencies’ Actions Raise Doubts Over Peaceful Intentions


25 / 08 / 2023 BYC 41

Baloch Yakjehti Committee (Karachi) condemns the ongoing enforced disappearances in Karachi along with all of Balochistan. Pakistani State agencies want peace or dispute, which is hard to judge because agencies have opened a new phase of raids in Baloch-populated areas of Karachi and the series of abductions is uncountable.

The state agencies forcibly disappeared a young man named Naeem son of Hasil Khan, a resident of Tamp Kalahu Ketch, Balochistan, after detaining him from Lyari, Karachi, who was taking his child to Karachi for treatment. came. According to family sources, Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, son of Murad Muhammad, an employee of the health department, and resident of the Shay Kahan area of Kech district, went missing from Karachi on August 11. went. Moreover, boxer Shoaib son of Ghulam Ali Baba was forced to disappear from the Singulin area of Lyari.

The spokesman further said that the operation is ongoing in various Baloch-majority areas of Karachi. According to the information received, a search operation was conducted in Umar Baloch Mahalla, Faqir Colony and Golimar, A heavy contingent of Rangers was deployed in Faqir Colony from 6 p.m. on Thursday, including women personnel, and the area was cordoned off.

According to regional sources, comprehensive house-to-house searches were conducted during the search operation, and people's identity cards and mobile phone data were checked. However, no arrest has been reported so far. A search operation was also conducted in Golimar, but there is no information regarding the arrests so far. On the other hand, in the Rais Goth area adjacent to Hub Chowki, forces have surrounded the area in large numbers searched houses in the last few days and severely tortured the women and children in the houses. A young man named Baqir was detained by raid forces in Rais Goth, but he was released the next day. The state agencies have detained two residents of Balochistan from Karachi and transferred them to an unknown location. The missing persons have been identified as Tufail son of Sher Muhammad resident of Keech and Dinar son of Muhammad Iqbal resident of Parvar Mashkai. Among them, Dinar was detained by the forces from Karachi Murshid Hospital while Tufail was detained in front of Aga Khan Hospital when he was returning from the mosque after offering prayers. On the other hand, there are reports from the Baloch majority area of Karachi, Lyari, that the operation and house-to-house searches of state institutions have been going on for the past week, but no arrests have been reported.

At the end of the statement, the spokesperson of BYC (Karachi) said that last week, Dad Shah Shahshani from Hawke's Bay area of Karachi was also made a victim of forced disappearance. Baloch Yakejehti Committee (Karachi) along with families of missing persons observed a two-day protest camp and a demonstration was held in front of the Karachi Press Club for safe recovery, but still, no trace of them could be found and they could not be recovered.

It is a very serious matter that no action is being taken to solve these problems in any way or response. The case of enforced disappearances is increasing day by day, which is not acceptable in any case. We understand that this state is not a claimant for peace, but atrocities. If the series of enforced disappearances doesn’t stop we will widen our protest across Karachi. We as Baloch are facing humanitarian crises but the officials are not taking this seriously, which is condemnable.