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Gangs in Lyari being reorganized, raising concerns for Baloch nation, says BNM spokesperson

Gangs in Lyari being reorganized, raising concerns for Baloch nation, says BNM spokesperson


20 / 09 / 2023 BNM 62

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson expressed concern over the reorganization of gangs in Lyari (Karachi), considering it a state conspiracy against the Baloch nation. He highlighted that Lyari holds excellent importance in Baloch national politics, literature, and national thought, and its destruction and takeover by drug dealers and gangsters would be a significant loss for the Baloch nation. In the past, the Pakistan People's Party and intelligence agencies have disrupted peace in Lyari by supporting drug peddlers and manipulating them for political gains. It is evident that political parties and the state in Pakistan exploit drug dealers instead of taking adequate measures to eliminate them.

According to him, when it became necessary to transfer power from the Karachi People's Party to an opposing faction for specific political reasons, an operation was initiated against the criminal elements in Karachi. Numerous young individuals were killed following extrajudicial arrests, with their bodies dumped.

He emphasized that to combat these elements in Lyari, the Baloch nation must first come together in strong unity and solidarity. Lyari is not destined to remain in darkness; we must protect it from this new conspiracy by the national spirit, considering it a national duty and challenge.

The spokesperson revealed that under the leadership of Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Babar Iftikhar, the V Corps of Pakistan Army is reactivating its assets in various Baloch areas of Karachi, including Mallir, Liyari, Old Golimar, Shrapi Metag, Manghupir, Taroline, Maripur, Zigri Goth, Puran Sabzi Mandi, Kiyamasri (Jehangir Road), Faqir Colony, and Moachh. These areas are infested with criminal and drug peddling activities. It is concerning to note that the Pakistan Army's involvement in the region has enabled the children of notorious gangsters such as Pappu and Rehman Duckett to continue their evil legacy. Reports suggest that residents of Kiyamasari who refuse to sell drugs are forcefully coerced into doing so by Pakistani forces.

He emphasized the importance of Baloch intellectuals and political parties remaining vigilant about this situation and taking swift action to protect society against this genocidal policy. One suggested solution is to promote a national, academic, and healthy environment that fosters positive growth and development.

According to the spokesperson, a passerby named Tahir Jadgal lost his life in an armed altercation between Yasir, Noman Sindhi, and Sartaj, who were associated with the Jadgal gang, and Muhammad Bakhsh, Majid, and Naveed alias Kuppi, who were associated with Jameel Chhanga's gang. Additionally, Additionally, Yasin, son of Niaz, a resident of Islam Mohalla in Kalakot, Liyari, was murdered by a drug dealer named Ahsan after he stopped him from selling narcotics in the neighborhood. In response, the people of Liyari have initiated protests against these incidents, and we support their demand for an end to gang warfare and drug trafficking.

He said that the perpetrators of both of these incidents are not anonymous entities, as the local administration, government, and police are well aware of their identities. To make matters worse, the police support these individuals, allowing them to peddle drugs with impunity, leading to violent gang disputes concerning drug sales. Alarming reports suggest that the young generation is straying into the world of crime due to insufficient guidance, posing a significant threat to our burgeoning generation.