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Protest demonstration in front of Islamabad Press Club against Nishtar Hospital tragedy and fake contests

Protest demonstration in front of Islamabad Press Club against Nishtar Hospital tragedy and fake contests


24 / 10 / 2022 BYC 71

Baloch Yakjehti Committee Islamabad staged a protest in front of Islamabad Press Club against the killing of missing persons at Nishtar Hospital in Multan and fake encounters of Baloch in Noshki and Kharan, in which a large number of protesters participated.The protesters carried banners and placards, with slogans against Baloch genocide and state atrocities.

Addressing the protest, the speakers said that the Baloch genocide has now reached such a level that a humanitarian crisis would arise in this region so soon. State institutions continue to trample on international laws, including the constitution and laws they have created, which calls into question the existence of human rights institutions and international laws.

Speakers added that four months ago, security forces killed nine missing persons in a fake encounter at the Zyarat site, against which the families of the missing persons staged a historic 50-days sit-in in Quetta Red Zone.

The families signed a written agreement with the federal government and the federal commission, the main points of which were that the missing persons would no longer be killed in fake encounters. But less than two months into the agreement, state agencies once again killed ten people from Kharan and Mastung in fake encounters, most of whom were missing persons who had been missing for years and months. While around five hundred mutilated bodies were brought from Multan's Nishtar Hospital, and are suspected to be missing persons, this serious issue has been suppressed which is very worrying.

The speakers finally said that the human rights situation in Balochistan is now that the federal government, the provincial government and the judiciary are directly expressing their helplessness and powerlessness. In Balochistan, all the powers and affairs are entrusted to the military institutions, due to which the situation of human rights in Balochistan is getting worse day by day.