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An Introduction of Shaheed Lala Hameed (Written by Qazi Rehan)

An Introduction of Shaheed Lala Hameed  (Written by Qazi Rehan)


18 / 11 / 2022 Articles 97

Shaheed Lala Hameed Baloch was born in Haji Hayatan’s home on 8th February 1985. He got his early education in Government Model High school Gwadar. He hailed from a political family. Shaheed was involved in politics in his school days. He started his political career at BSO (Aman). He was elected as a student leader in his college days. He was also selected as a member of the Public Safety Commission, introduced in Musharaf’s era. Shaheed Lala Hameed Baloch started his career in journalism with Daily Guraab Gwadar. After Guraab disfunction he becomes associated with Daily Tawar. Shaheed was a dynamic journalist and was interested in photojournalism. He played a remarkable role by highlighting the destruction caused by cyclone Guno in Gwader and adjoining coastal areas. The cyclone marooned the people of Surbandin, a few kilometers away from Gwadar. His sudden arrival amid freezing weather and heavy torrential rain to know the conditions of isolated and destitute people astonished many. Shaheed Lala Hameed Baloch played an essential role in developing Gwadar Press Club. Besides Daily Tawar, he also reported Daily Karachi, Mahshar, Gateway, and Royal TV. He also reported about Balochistan on his Facebook account and other websites. Shaheed Lala Hameed Baloch got a great sense of humor and was down to earth. He had friends in every age group, from young to old. He could even find humor in serious discussions and was liked by everyone. He led political rallies and conferences skillfully and bravely. The factors of etiquette, loveliness, friendship, and bravery in his personality are rarely found in every person.  

Shaheed Lala Hameed Baloch quit practical politics after merging different factions of BSO due to differences in the policy of BSO on 26 August 2007. Instead, he kept himself in touch with his close friends in BSO. In 2007, he gave the call to strike and protest under the name of Baloch Naujawan Ittihad on Shaheed Akbar Bugti Day, that mainstream political parties soon followed. 

Shaheed Lala Hameed Baloch joined BNM in the last days of 2007. He is considered among the founding members of BNM in Gwadar. Besides a Baloch nationalist, he was an unarmed soldier in the political front. 

Among millions of supporters and writers, he also avidly wrote in favor of the Baloch Armed Struggle. Due to his brave stand, he was falsely blamed for many bomb blasts, and many cases were filed against him for his violent speeches by the Pakistani government and agencies. He faced a trial for one year for taking pictures of police officers. He also gets exonerated in a few cases by the court. He could commence his claims when agencies started abducting Baloch political leaders even in the premises of a court of law. On 25 October 2010, Shaheed Lala Hameed Baloch was abducted by the Pakistani military and its notorious agencies at Karwat while he was going to attend the marriage of a close relative in Dasht Kunchiti. He was kept in illegal detention until his dead body round beside another dead body of Hamid Ismail at Hiroonk, a village 55 kilometers away from Turbat city, on 18 November 2010. Then their dead bodies were taken to Turbat, where a paper was found in his pocket, written “An Eid Gift for Baloch Nation.” After necessary formalities, his dead body was taken to Gwader in the evening. Shaheed Lala Hameed’s body was buried in the historical graveyard of Gwader beside an anonymous historical figure’s tomb. Thousands of persons came to pay the last homage to their beloved martyred leader.