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Dr. Naseem Baloch Raises Concerns Over China Usurping Baloch Land with Successful CPEC Project

Dr. Naseem Baloch Raises Concerns Over China Usurping Baloch Land with Successful CPEC Project


02 / 10 / 2023 BNM  ,  Baloch Martyrs 52

Dr. Naseem Baloch Raises Concerns Over China Usurping Baloch Land with Successful CPEC Project.


Geneva: Chairman Baloch National Movement Dr. Naseem Baloch addressed a side event organized by a Japanese NGO, International Career Support, presided by Shun Fujiki, during the UN session on the 28th of September. The event focused on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which has taken the shape of a multi-billion dollar project as an extension of China’s ambitious ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative. 


Chairman Naseem Baloch spoke about the disastrous effects that this initiative has had on Balochistan and its people.


Dr. Naseem Baloch began by thanking the organizers for inviting him to the event and highlighted that if the CPEC project is to be successful, then the Baloch land would be ‘usurped’ by China. He also shared the Baloch nation’s impression that the project is an imperialist endeavor that would alter the demographics of Balochistan. After an urgent appeal made to the civilized world, the Baloch plea went unheard, and they were left alone to face the monumental challenge.


The CPEC project majorly revolves around the Gwadar port, which serves as the passage for the CPEC route through the vast Balochistan terrain. According to Dr. Naseem Baloch, the Chinese government seeks to establish a military presence in key locations in Balochistan and secure control over the strategically vital “Strait of Hormuz” through Gwadar. The Baloch nation has shown resistance towards the project for the survival of their people and culture.


Dr. Naseem Baloch also pointed out that the Pakistan Army has employed various tactics to displace the local population of Gwadar. The Chairman also emphasized that the world needs to recognize that the Baloch are loyal, dignified, and reliable partners in the region fighting for their survival. He stated that the Baloch nation is not fighting for personal gain or compensation, and they need the support of the international community and the cooperation of the people in Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan to show China the strength of their grassroots resistance.


Dr. Naseem Baloch also expressed his disappointment that the recent ‘India, Middle East, Europe Corridor’ plan ratified at the G20 Plus Summit in Delhi didn’t mention Balochistan. He highlighted that investing in disputed areas goes against international norms, but global rules are often ignored when it comes to power and money.


In conclusion, Dr. Naseem Baloch thanked the organizers again for giving him this platform to speak out about the plight of Balochistan. He was hopeful that his words would be heeded by the international community and that they would acknowledge the sacrifices made by the Baloch people.


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