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BLA sentences to death two Detained enemy agents in Bolan

BLA sentences to death two Detained enemy agents in Bolan


24 / 01 / 2023 BLA 29

Baloch Liberation Army spokesman Jeehand Baloch claimed responsibility for the death sentence of two agents of occupying forces in Bolan.

He said that the freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army delivered death sentence to two agents of occupying forces, as per the ruling of a Baloch national court.

On credible information from BLA’s intelligence wing, the BLA fighters had arrested two agents of Pakistani military and its secretive agencies, identified as Wali s/o Ghazi Khan Marri and Gulab Shah s/o Saleem Shah few days ago.

He said that the two detained agents confessed to all their crimes during the investigations. Gulab Shah confessed that he aided Pakistani military during operations in Bolan and adjoining areas in November last year. He also confessed that he provided information to the Pakistani military regarding houses of Baloch freedom fighters.

Wali Khan confessed that he has been an agent of enemies forces since long. He has been involved in aiding the enemy forces during military operations and providing them supplies. He confessed that in return of his services he was awarded construction contracts of military camps and posts.

Wali Khan confessed that he was involved in forcible disappearances of Baloch youth and had formed armed groups under patronage of Pakistani military.

"The two detained individuals were awarded death sentences for committing national treason. Today BLA fighters delivered this sentence. Another person was also arrested along with these two criminals. However, he was released by the Baloch national court after he was found innocent", spokesman said.

"BLA makes it clear that none of the enemy collaborators will be spared. Other members of this network will also be brought to justice", Jeehand Baloch said.