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Convoy of SP Police targeted in Khuzdar, Supply Vehicle of Pakistani military destroyed, driver arrested - BLA

Convoy of SP Police targeted in Khuzdar, Supply Vehicle of Pakistani military destroyed, driver arrested - BLA


26 / 02 / 2023 BLA 36

Today, Freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army destroyed a supply vehicle of Pakistani military in Marwar, Bolan.

BLA fighters confiscated enemy supplies, destroyed the vehicle and arrested its driver Haidar Khan s/o Sanwal Khan.

The driver admitted that he has been supplying rations to the enemy for a longtime. Proper legal proceedings will be carried out against the driver in the Baloch national court.

BLA has warned the locals multiple times to refrain from aiding the enemy forces. If any one is found involved in aiding the enemy forces, they will have to bear the consequences.

Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) of Baloch Liberation Army targeted the convoy of Superintendent Police in Khuzdar on 25th February, Two police personnel were eliminated and another was injured in this operation.

Fighters of STOS executed this operation near Jhalawan Complex in Khuzdar, when they targeted a vehicle travelling in convoy of SP Police and retired Pakistani Navy official Fahad Khan. In the magnetic bomb attack, two Police personnel Abdul Salam and Mohammad Deen were killed and another personnel was injured, while the Police vehicle was fully destroyed.

The attack was in response to the attitude of Pakistani police and levies force, under the patronage of Pakistani military and its secretive agencies, towards the Baloch public in Khuzdar and adjoining areas. Under the pretext of snap checking and raids the Pakistani Police has been continuously harassing and disrespecting the public, while some Police personnel are also involved in aiding the enemy forces in enforced disappearances of Baloch youth.

Baloch Liberation Army has clarified multiple times that, if Police or the local levies forces refrain from taking sides, then they will not be targeted during the Baloch freedom movement. However if these forces abet and aid the occupying forces and become a hurdle in front of Baloch freedom fighters or the movement then they will face very severe consequences. Today’s attack should be considered a warning, if the Police force fails to reconsider its actions then the Baloch freedom fighters will be ordered to treat the Police and levies forces in similar manner to occupying Pakistani military and FC.

Spokesman of the Baloch Liberation Army Jeeyand Baloch claimed reaponsibilty for these two attacks.