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Recovery of 3 persons, 4 are still missing

Recovery of 3 persons, 4 are still missing


11 / 12 / 2022 Enforced Disappearances 37

Two Baloch men including an elderly and a student went missing from the Kech and Quetta districts of Balochistan.

An elderly including a student along with two men forcibly disappeared from the Kech and Shaal in Balochistan.

Sources say that during a house raid a Baloch student has been forcibly disappeared by the forces of Pakistan during a house raid in Shaal on Wednesday. The raid occurred about midnight in Essa Nagri area of the city. the detained one has been identified as Noor Khan, a resident of Hoshab and a student of computer sciences.

Same as, an old man named Shikari Peer Mohammed was reportedly tortured severely during his detention by the army of Pakistan along with death-squad tools and got him to an unknown location in the Mand Gobard area of the Kech district.

According to sources, Sohail son of Abdullah, Chakar son of Rasul Baksh have been forcibly disappeared and shifted to an unknown place from the Kec district of Balochistan.

Sohail has been forcibly disappeared at around 1 am on Thursday from the Dazen area of Tump and Chakar from his house during a raid by Pakistani forces in the Kohar area of Kech while the women and children have been severely tortured.

Meanwhile, three missing persons returned home on Friday. Shikari Peer Muhammad who was forcibly disappeared from the Gobard area a few days ago and a youth named Abdullah and his uncle Mehboob, who were forcibly disappeared from Panjgur last month, have been recovered.