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BSAC staged a three days sit-in and organised protest against forced disappearances of Suhail and Fassieh Baloch

BSAC staged a three days sit-in and organised protest against forced disappearances of Suhail and Fassieh Baloch


03 / 11 / 2023 Baloch Martyrs  ,  Eastern Balochistan 370

BSAC staged a three days sit-in and organised protest against forced disappearances of Suhail and Fassieh Baloch


Baloch Students Action Committee, staged a three days sit-in protest inside University of Balochistan and organised protest and demonstration rallies in Quetta, capital city of Balochistan, Turbat, Hub, Khuzdar and karachi against Enforced disappearances of Baloch students Suhail Baloch and Fassieh Baloch. 



Suhail and Fassieh Baloch, students of Balochistan University, forcibly abducted and went missing two years ago, and to demand their recovery, the organization set up a three-day protest camp at Balochistan University. Students from different sections of society participated in the protests.


Speaking at the protests, Mah Rang Baloch, leader of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee, said that forced disappearances are not just a violation of human rights but are connected to maintaining state control in Balochistan and subjugating people through brute force. The state uses enforced disappearances as a tool, and it is not just the responsibility of the affected individuals but of everyone to raise their voices against forced disappearances.


Mah Rang Baloch addressed the protest demonstration in front of the Quetta Press Club, stating that the youth are being subjected to forced disappearances because there has always been a deep connection between the Baloch youth's willpower movement and the fear-inducing environment created by the state.


Speaking during the protest, Dr. Shalee Baloch, the organizer of the Baloch Women Forum, said that we are witnessing how the state is not being affected by our protests because we are not coming out in large numbers. Every segment of the Baloch nation must come out against forced disappearances; raising our voices is essential. They said that some people believe that protests will not bring any change, but I do not believe in this thought. An effective and organized protest can compel the state to take it seriously.


Addressing the demonstrators, speakers stated that forced disappearances in Balochistan have taken the form of a severe humanitarian crisis that has been ongoing for many decades. This alarming human crisis has created an atmosphere of extreme distress and an uncertain environment in Baloch society. Due to this human crisis, every Baloch is a victim of insecurity here. The continuous increase in forced disappearances highlights that the authorities, including those in power in Pakistan and Balochistan, are not ready to address this humanitarian crisis seriously.


They said that on one hand, the forced disappearances of Baloch students continue to increase, and on the other hand, the administration is harassing and profiling peaceful students through various means. This includes the involvement of educational institutions' administrations. Baloch students have been targeted forcibly for many years, which is an extremely regrettable act, but now even in educational institutions, students are not safe. The responsibility for the disappearance of students from educational institutions lies with the university administrations, who are involved in harassing the students through various means and profiling them. Baloch youth have been the target of oppression and brutality for many years, and now it has intensified.


The speakers said that such incidents within universities are extremely worrying, and their negative effects are affecting other students, causing them to fall into fear and mental illnesses, and they are unable to maintain their academic continuity. Attempts are being made by parliamentary parties for many years to point out the humanitarian crisis of missing persons in Balochistan. On one hand, the relatives are being given false assurances, and on the other hand, they are using serious issues like forced disappearances for their political campaigns. In such a situation, the biggest responsibility lies with the conscious class to use their awareness to feel the sense of national responsibilities, because there is no stakeholder ready to solve this serious issue. In such a situation, our national consciousness is our national strength, and we must adopt the path of peaceful resistance, feeling our national strength, otherwise, thousands of Baloch youths like Suhail and Fassieh Baloch will serve their undisclosed crimes in prisons.


They said that it is time for the Baloch people to unite and speak out with one voice against this humanitarian crisis. Instead of relying on international institutions, human rights, or judicial justice, or sitting on promises, choose the path of peaceful resistance for their people, because the world only listens to those who can speak. We urge all nations, including the Baloch people, to stand with us on this serious humanitarian issue. Suhail and Fassieh Baloch, along with all the missing Baloch individuals, demand their recovery.