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BNM central cabinet meeting: Parliamentary parties are playing with Baloch national destiny for petty interests. Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch

BNM central cabinet meeting: Parliamentary parties are playing with Baloch national destiny for petty interests. Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch


09 / 05 / 2023 BNM 44

The second meeting of the central cabinet of the Baloch National Movement was held and chaired by Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch, in which the participants had a detailed discussion on the party affairs, Balochistan, the region and the international political situation and the tension between the international powers.

In the cabinet meeting, significant decisions were made concerning the effective functioning of the party.

During cabinet meeting, Dr. Naseem Baloch, the Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, said that BNM is playing a crucial role in the fight for freedom. BNM workers and cadres are fervently fighting for the Baloch national cause both inside and outside Balochistan. Through their determined efforts, the Baloch national voice is being amplified even in every corners of the globe. Our leadership, cadres, and workers have sacrificed their lives for effective functioning of BNM and to promote the Baloch freedom movement. These sacrifices have continued to this day, demonstrating the dedication and commitment.

Dr. Naseem Baloch said, while the Baloch independence movement has significant support from the Baloch nation, some so-called nationalists are engaged to sell the blood of Baloch people for their own gain and interests .

It’s crucial to understand that time is constantly changing, and so are our circumstances. Despite our current struggles against a powerful enemy, who has ample resources and an organized army, we must remember that their power is built on weak foundations. The enemy’s oppressions against the Baloch people are the driving force for us. Hence, we should not lose hope and keep fighting for our freedom.

These so-called nationalists who align with the enemy for personal gain fail to see that the enemy’s power will eventually crumble. Their hope for continued privileges and interests is short-sighted. The day will come when the enemy’s edifice will collapse and we will have the victory.

The Baloch National movement seeks freedom for their land based on historical truths and national values, without resorting to expansionism or extremism. We adhere to international principles in our fight for independence.

He said that all the institutions of Baloch National Movement are efficiently providing their services. Human Rights Department, Welfare Department, Information Department and Training Institutions are particularly noteworthy in this.

The Baloch National Movement has been able to expand its services thanks to these institutions. However, the changing global and regional situation demands the implementation of policies and strategies that adapt to the times. Thus, it is crucial for the organization to remain vigilant in its approach.

Dr. Naseem Baloch emphasized the importance of unity, solidarity, and cooperation in the Baloch national movement. According to him, these qualities are the main needs of the movement. The Baloch National Movement has always strived for these values in its efforts to achieve our destination. During our leadership’s efforts in promoting unity, the journey was marred by the tragic martyrdom of former Secretary General Dr. Manan Baloch.

A sturdy base for unity is essential as a shallow unity can lead to subsequent failures and disappointment within the Baloch nation, causing the prospects for subsequent cooperation to dwindle.

A detailed draft has been sent to all pro-independence stakeholders calling for unity. Practical contacts will be initiated once responses are received from organizations.

The cabinet meeting resulted in significant decisions on multiple issues. These decisions will be communicated to the party’s chapters and zones via circulars.