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Baloch National Movement Spokesman Condemns the Forced Eviction of Afghan Refugees

Baloch National Movement Spokesman Condemns the Forced Eviction of Afghan Refugees


09 / 10 / 2023 BNM 40

The spokesperson for the Baloch National Movement strongly condemned the coerced eviction and mistreatment of refugees from neighboring Afghanistan, a country that has suffered from Pakistani intervention for over four decades. They pointed out that Afghan citizens, who have endured prolonged warfare, seek refuge in many nations. Yet, in recent days, the Pakistani government has forcibly ordered refugees out and subjected them to various forms of aggression. This includes seizing their possessions; a clear breach of the United Nations international convention, and an unmistakable indication of oppression directed at Afghan refugees.

He emphasized that regardless of a refugee's country of origin, their rights are protected on a global scale. No nation is permitted to expel all legal refugees forcibly. Pakistan has made disregarding international laws a daily occurrence. Their actions are consistently in opposition to international laws.

According to the spokesperson, Pakistan has repeatedly exploited Afghan land for military and strategic gain. From the Soviet Union's involvement to present-day United States presence in Afghanistan, Pakistan has profited handsomely from the ongoing conflict, often at the cost of Afghan lives. Under the guise of supporting Afghan refugees, Pakistan has received significant funds from international aid organizations, only to funnel those resources towards corruption, and oppression of the Baloch, Pashtun, and Sindhi nations rather than towards the welfare of refugees.

The spokesperson pointed out that Afghan refugees reside not in Pakistan but in the lands of Baloch, Pashtun, and Sindhi nations. Pakistan has exploited host nations and Afghan refugees, profiting from the ongoing war.

The speaker noted that the recent forced evacuation of Afghan refugees and the violation of their internationally recognized rights were done to pressure the current Afghan government due to their failure to meet specific strategic and military objectives. Afghanistan has a long history of fighting against foreign powers. Beginning with the first Anglo-Afghan war, the Afghan people have always strongly resisted the presence of superpowers like the Soviet Union and the United States. These conflicts have often made the Afghan people scapegoats for the interests of these more extensive powers. These wars have inflicted terrible suffering upon the Afghan people, causing them to live a life of humiliation.

According to the spokesperson, it is a long-running pattern of the Pakistani state to attribute the failure of their internal affairs to neighboring countries and subjugated nations. Presently, they are placing the responsibility for security concerns under its control areas on Afghan refugees, even accusing them of perpetrating suicide attacks, robbery, and extortion within Pakistan. Moreover, the Pakistani state is intensifying its oppressive tactics towards already vulnerable refugees, leaving them helpless and vulnerable.

In his concluding remarks, the Spokesman empathized with the pain and suffering of being a migrant, an experience all too familiar to the Baloch nation. The Baloch National Movement expressed both condemnation and heartfelt sympathy towards the Afghan people during this time of extreme oppression, hardship, and suffering inflicted upon them by the actions of the Pakistani state.