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BNM protests in Germany over the arrest of Mahal Baloch in false charges

BNM protests in Germany over the arrest of Mahal Baloch in false charges


28 / 02 / 2023 BNM 35

Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter staged protests in Bielefeld and Berlin, the capital of Germany, against the state violence against women in Balochistan and the arrest of Mahal Baloch.

In these protests’ women, children and German activists participated. On this occasion, the protesters raised slogans against the forced disappearances of Baloch political activists and the arrest of Mahal Baloch by Pakistani security forces.

Asghar Ali, the President of the BNM Germany Chapter addressing participants in Berlin said that for the past two decades, the Pakistani army and agencies have been involved in serious human rights violations in Balochistan, while thousands of political activists, social workers and even civilians have been involuntarily and forcibly disappeared and killed by Pakistani security forces.

  He added, that European Union countries should review their policies toward Pakistan. Pakistan is committing grave human rights violations in Balochistan. Women and children are kept in torture cells for days without any charges. Rasheeda Zehri was retained in torture cells for 13 days. Counter Terrorism Department forcibly disappeared Mahal Baloch on 17 February and charged her with false allegations. Since then, her whereabouts and fat are unknown.

He added that Pakistan is targeting Baloch women to suppress the political voices in Balochistan. Hence, Pakistan will not be successful in its ulterior motives and such tactics will further strengthen the courage and determination of the Baloch nation to achieve their national goal of a free Balochistan.

Shar Hassan, the joint secretary of the Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter said that Pakistan has been committing gross human rights violations in Balochistan. Pakistan army is a terrorist army which has committed gross human rights violations in 1971 in Bangladesh in the same way the Pakistan army today in Balochistan torturing and sexually abusing women. But such evil practices of Pakistan will not stop Baloch from getting their national freedom.

He added, “Pakistani security forces abducted Mahal Baloch from her house, later on she was shifted in custody with her two daughters and other women. She was tortured in front of her two daughters. Later, they released children and other women but the fate of Mahal Baloch is unknown.”

Emaan Baloch, a member of the Baloch National Movement addressed, “The Balochistan conflict started in 1948 when Pakistan forcefully annexed the region. Since then, the Baloch people have been struggling for their freedom, and the Pakistani government has responded with violence and repression. The situation only worsened when the Pakistani government started using excessive force against the Baloch people and resorting to enforced disappearances, extra-judicial killings, and torture.

” She added “The human rights violations in Balochistan have reached an alarming level. The Pakistani military and intelligence agencies have killed, abducted, or tortured thousands of Baloch. Their families have been threatened and intimidated.”

Social media activist Hudahair Ellahi said that Baloch women and our brothers have been imprisoned to crush the Baloch national struggle for independence. But the occupier state won’t be able to maintain their occupation for a long time in Balochistan.

She added that the United Nations should intervene in Balochistan regarding long-lasting and continuous human rights violations in Balochistan and the European Union should stop funding and military aid to Pakistan.