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Urgent Call for International Intervention as Dera Bugti Witnesses Ongoing Massacre, Urges BNM

Urgent Call for International Intervention as Dera Bugti Witnesses Ongoing Massacre, Urges BNM


12 / 09 / 2023 BNM 15

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) expressed deep concern regarding the aggressive actions of the Pakistan army in Dera Bugti. He emphasized that the Pakistani army is deliberately targeting the civilian population there. The deployment of military force and gunship helicopters against civilians has resulted in both human and financial losses, while dozens of civilians have forcibly disappeared following their arrests during the massacre.

The attack, launched on a large scale on Sunday, September 10th, has extended to various areas, including Sui and Uch areas Gandoi, Sonari Matt, Sardar Pati, Bashk, Dam, and Laghar Dawan. The use of gunship helicopters in these assaults has been confirmed.

Local sources have reported the involvement of a significant number of SSG commandos equipped with modern weaponry from the Pakistan Army in these military aggressions. A convoy of forty SSG commando trucks has been spotted in the area, raising concerns of potential bloodshed.

Balochi language poet Aziz Bugti, Sulaiman Bugti, Haji Mian Khan Bugti, Ali Bakhsh (son of Ali Khan Bugti), Pathan Bugti (son of Marzan Bugti), Hashim (son of Suri Bugti), Babul Bugti, Bijjar (son of Haji Sabzal Bugti), Yaqub Bugti, Karim Bugti, and Mustafa Bugti, have been forcibly disappeared by the Pakistani army following their arrests.

The spokesperson underscored that the number of enforced disappearances, including at least two minor children, is likely higher. Many individuals are hesitant to report the forced disappearances of their loved ones due to fear, and the remote, mountainous terrain limits access to the area, hindering the disclosure of details regarding forced disappearances and other losses. In these mountainous regions, numerous small villages are scattered, with the Pakistan army imposing a strict cordon, isolating dozens of villages from communication.

The spokesperson asserted that the Pakistan army's presence is pervasive throughout Balochistan, aimed at exploiting the region's resources. The Baloch people aspire to achieve independence for their land and regain control over their resources. In response to this, there is an aggressive attempt to suppress them through military force.

Once again, the recent aggressive military actions have centered on Sui, a region that has been exploited for natural gas for the past 73 years to meet the demands of Punjab and major cities in Pakistan. The Pakistan army has maintained absolute control over this area since the discovery of gas. Similar to other areas in Balochistan, Pakistan adheres to a colonial policy of 'divide and rule' to control the resources, leading to societal divisions.

The spokesperson also noted that Pakistan's Caretaker Interior Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, is involved in state terrorism, orchestrating death squads in collaboration with the Pakistan Army. On March 29, 2018, the Pakistani army consolidated its loyalists and established the 'Balochistan Awami Party,' with key members, including the current Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan, 'Anwar ul Haq Kakar.’ This group has been mobilized against Baloch national politics and interests, aiming to install their puppets in key state positions to further the Pakistan army's objectives in Balochistan, including exploiting its resources.

The spokesperson pointed out that Sarfraz Bugti regards Dera Bugti as his fiefdom, granted by the Pakistan army. Consequently, he harbors concerns about the rise of Baloch national consciousness in this region and resorts to conspiracies to target those who oppose his ideology and anti-nationalism sentiments.

The spokesperson of the BNM earnestly appealed to human rights organizations and the international community to take immediate action to halt the ongoing military massacre in Dera Bugti.