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The formidable foundations of Baloch movement cannot be shaken by any atrocities - BNM Kech Gwadar’s Reference for Baloch Martyrs

The formidable foundations of Baloch movement cannot be shaken by any atrocities - BNM Kech Gwadar’s Reference for Baloch Martyrs



The formidable foundations of Baloch movement cannot be shaken by any atrocities - BNM Kech Gwadar's Reference for Baloch Martyrs 



Gwadar: BNM Kech Gwadar zone organized a reference in honor of Baloch Martyrs on the occasion of Baloch Martyrs' Day. The event commenced with a solemn two-minute silence as a tribute to the fallen heroes.


Dr. Jalal Baloch, Junior Vice Chairman of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), graced the occasion as the esteemed chief guest. In his speech, Dr. Baloch shed light on the historical significance of November 13th and emphasized the crucial role played by political organizations in sustaining the resistance. He expressed gratitude towards these organizations for their efforts in energizing and inspiring fighters on the battleground. Dr. Baloch further highlighted the responsibility of political parties in preparing and uniting the people for the movement. Notable names like Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad, Shaheed Lala Munir, Shaheed Dr. Manan, Ustad Wahid Kamber, and Allah Nazr were mentioned as key figures propelling the freedom struggle forward.


During his address, Dr. Jalal Baloch emphasized the unwavering commitment of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) since its inception. He expressed pride in the continuous struggle of BNM, highlighting the fact that the organization has maintained its membership strength without any decline. Dr. Baloch acknowledged the presence of weaknesses but stressed that these shortcomings have not diminished the steadfastness of the movement.


During the event, Muhammad Yusuf Baloch, a former member of the Central Committee of BNM and President of the event, underscored the courageous history of the Baloch nation in defending their homeland. He stated that not only on November 13, 1839, but also in previous instances when invaders attacked Balochistan, the Baloch nation valiantly sacrificed their lives to protect their land. Balochistan's struggle continues today, with its people honoring the path of those martyrs and fiercely fighting to safeguard their territory. 


Another senior member of BNM, Muhammad Anwar, spoke about the significance of unwavering dedication and the ultimate sacrifices made by those who adhere to their ideals till the end. He acknowledged the reality that revolutions often test the very people who initiate them, but the Baloch martyrs were acutely aware of this fact and hence laid down their lives to fortify the strength of the movement. Balochistan serves as a sanctuary, nurturing and sheltering the aspirations of its people.


Ruzhn Baloch, a former member of the Central Committee of BNM, expressed during the ceremony that the memory of our martyrs is not limited to just one day, but they are always present in our hearts. We pay homage to their shrines with spirited songs of joy, celebrating their lives instead of shedding tears. The formidable foundations of this movement cannot be shaken by any atrocities.


Baba GR, the organizer of Kech Gwadar Hannekin, reminded everyone that even after 184 years, the sacrifice and war led by Shaheed Mehrab Khan remain etched in our collective consciousness. To continue this legacy, the battle was initiated in the year 2000, aligning with the demands of the new era. Brave individuals such as Shaheed Akbar Khan Bugti, Shaheed Balach Marri, and Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad sacrificed their lives on Baloch soil.


BNM member Shay Bahar also addressed the gathering, highlighting the distressing reality of forced disappearances and brutal killings of thousands of Baloch in defense of their land. Our women and children bear the brunt of relentless atrocities, as cruelty engulfs every corner of Balochistan. To counter this oppression and honor the footsteps of our martyrs, all Baloch people must unite and fight.


Zainul, while remembering the Baloch martyrs, emphasized that no external force will ever be granted the authority to rule over us. The people of Balochistan sacrificed their lives to protect their homeland, and we, as the true heirs of Balochistan, must stand alongside our brothers and sons to fulfill our national responsibilities. Women must unite and contribute to the cause.


Jehand Baloch, the deputy organizer of the Baloch National Movement Kech Gwadar Zone, successfully orchestrated the responsibilities of coordinating this event.


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