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BNM Chairman Dr Naseem

BNM Chairman Dr Naseem


26 / 08 / 2023 Baloch Martyrs  ,  Enforced Disappearances 102

Pakistan seeks to fuel religious conflict within the Baloch nation, says Dr. Naseem Baloch


Germany: The Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, Dr. Naseem Baloch, stated that apart from other abuses, Pakistan tried to start conflicts based on creeds by creating religious divisions in our society, but Baloch nationalism has stopped all these efforts.


Dr. Naseem made these comments during his recent visit to Germany, where he met with various members of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) across the different units. The meetings took place in Berlin, Hanover, South Rhine-Westphalia, Kamenetz, and Bremen, where members discussed Party performance, social media, and the ongoing war of freedom in Balochistan. BNM Germany President Asghar Ali Baloch also accompanied Dr. Naseem during his visit. The leaders answered questions from members during the meetings, and the visit continued until August 16th.


Dr. Naseem Baloch cited the case of Rauf Barkat's murder in Turbat and argued that despite the accusations made by certain religious figures, the public knew that they were acting as conspirators. Baloch nation came out in protest against the mullahs, and most people know that the state is fueling these efforts to tarnish our society.


During his speech, Dr. Naseem Baloch said that during the last council session of the party, changes were made in the BNM constitution to modify it according to current situations. These modifications aim to transform the party into an institutionally based organization. Sub-committees such as Media, Human Rights, Social Welfare, Foreign Department, Zrumbesh, and Paank have been established as part of this initiative. This will allow for subsidiaries to entrust their performance and records to these sub-committees in the event of a new elected cabinet in the future.


He said that the party itself is also an institution. Today, our struggle is strong due to the party's support and other institutions that carry the movement forward. The party institutions are a key factor in the strength of our struggle.


While speaking, Dr. Naseem Baloch and Asghar Ali Baloch said that we must prepare today for Independence Day and beyond to maintain it. If we show weakness today, we cannot maintain our freedom as in the past. Because Pakistan has not only occupied our land but also assimilated our language and culture. Today, we are also fighting to preserve our language and culture. Until we are free, we must also fight for our languages. Today, BNM is working for the survival of languages. Zrumbesh broadcasts daily radio news in Balochi language and provides articles and news. No institution is publishing Balochi material as much as Zrumbesh. It is developing the language and making people aware of the Baloch movement. 


They stated that Pakistan had intensified the atrocities and alienation policy towards the Baloch civilization and culture, increasing killings and forced disappearances. The enemy aims to instill fear in the Baloch nation, with Pakistan hoping that the Baloch would surrender in the face of these atrocities. However, time has shown that the Baloch people are resilient and determined to move forward. Based on their nationalist ideology, they have successfully uprooted all the state's tactics. Institutions such as BSO-Azad, BNM, and various armed organizations have strengthened the movement by establishing institutions.


When asked about Baloch women fidais, Dr. Naseem Baloch stated, According to BNM's constitution, the organization supports all freedom-seeking organizations. However, it is within our right to express objections or criticism towards the policies and procedures of other organizations. By doing so, we aim to prevent harm to the overall freedom movement.

Regarding the alliance, he responded, "We have taken proactive steps and expressed our opinions on the potential opportunities.


Answering questions about the exiled government, he explained that establishing one requires a country's recognition, which would permit the government to establish its embassies. However, it is necessary for all parties involved in the freedom struggle to unify before any actions can be taken, and it cannot be accomplished by just one person or organization. Most stakeholders must consent to this decision; otherwise, the world will view this act as nothing more than a joke or a pastime.


He stated that our dedication and obligation keep us bound to this track, and the moment we suppress those feelings is when we become vulnerable and feeble. Engaging in the organization's programs, participating in circles and trainings, and making donations are all actions that maintain our connection to the organization and our commitment to the cause. Similarly, strict adherence to discipline within the organization is crucial and obligatory. It is imperative for everyone, from the chairman to the members, to abide by the party's constitution. The Constitution will punish any individual who makes a mistake.


According to Dr. Naseem, the choice to go into exile cannot be taken lightly. A significant level of commitment is required to make such a decision, as it may be the toughest one of your lives. However, it is a decision that has been made in the best interest of our nation. As a diaspora, we are all doing our part, just as other nations' diasporas are committed to their nations. However, our situation is distinctly different because we have encountered torture and subjugation, and our responsibilities are even more significant. Not only must we ensure our livelihood, but we must also play an active role in the national movement.

He stated that Pakistan is exerting efforts to eradicate our secular culture. Pakistan claims it can transform us into "good Muslims," implying that we are not. However, the reality is that Pakistan and its system are new-found. The Baloch nation has existed for thousands of years, with many Baloch individuals being Muslims for centuries. Like other nations, we have a population divided into various religions and sects. There are Hindus and followers of other religions among the Baloch who have lived among us for centuries, assimilating the Balochi language and traditions.


He said that establishing BSO Azad, BNM, and Baloch armed organizations operating on a structured basis has significantly fortified the groundwork of the independence movement. Hence, this ongoing struggle has surpassed two decades due to the presence of organized parties. This resistance would have ceased long ago if not for them, like past movements. The freedom movement demands persistence against the enemy, where resistance is extended until the adversary is compelled to leave the land, recognizing that Baloch will not be ready to leave their motherland and accept slavery.