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The pressure on the people of Taman Gorshani to vacate the area is a deceitful attempt to seize the land: Dr. Naseem Baloch

The pressure on the people of Taman Gorshani to vacate the area is a deceitful attempt to seize the land: Dr. Naseem Baloch


14 / 10 / 2023 Baloch Martyrs  ,  Eastern Balochistan 25

The pressure on the people of Taman Gorshani to vacate the area is a deceitful attempt to seize the land: Dr. Naseem Baloch


Saturday, October 14, 2023


In one of his statements, Dr. Naseem Baloch, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, commended the people of Taman Gorshani for their right and courageous decision not to evacuate their village for the missile test despite pressure from the Pakistan army. He warned that this could be a ploy to grab the territory permanently and urged the Baloch people to be cautious. Furthermore, he branded Pakistan as a hypocritical state that deceives the world and engages in activities against humanity for their selfish interests.


According to him, the Pakistan army has ordered the residents of various areas in Taman Gorshani, including Maari, Mauza Grozaan, Drazhtal, Mauza Chimbari, Mauza Lotlar, Sham, Kalchas, and Rikani Gahur, to evacuate the region so that they can test nuclear missile in the area. He told that the Pakistani state is using the resources of Baluchistan to develop its army and Punjab while turning Balochistan into a laboratory for creating nuclear weapons and testing atomic explosions.

Dr. Naseem Baloch stated that Pakistan is a deceitful rogue state that has previously spread nuclear weapons across the world through its notorious scientist, "Dr. Qadeer Khan." He added that Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur regions in Balochistan have become laboratories for creating hazardous weapons. In these regions, people are continually exposed to the ill effects of radiation due to reckless uranium mining. Furthermore, he expressed concern that citizens are being coerced to evacuate the area, allowing the Pakistani state to seize the region's mineral wealth through dangerous weapons testing.


According to him, the harshness of winter has heightened in these regions of Balochistan, and the Pakistani state is urging the inhabitants to evacuate without providing any assistance, appropriate shelter, or assurance of their return. There is a reasonable apprehension that if the residents leave the area, they will be barred from returning, and their property and livestock will be confiscated, compelling them to live in exile indefinitely. Due to these reasons, the local people are reluctant to abandon their homeland.


Dr. Naseem said that in 2018, the Pakistan army conducted missile trials near Pawad Koh (Pawad mountain), resulting in remains at Barag Pawad, Maranj, Ghazbur, Daragal Maari, Kalerital, Sawari Gahur, and Joop Pawad. There is a persistent concern that the experiments carried out in these locations will have detrimental effects on the indigenous population.


He said an enigmatic explosion occurred in Dera Ghazi Khan on October 6, reported by local media as "near nuclear installations" in the area. Following the blast, the internet and communication services in the locality were suspended. As per the local media's account, the Pakistani authorities later stated that the mysterious explosion was a sonic boom induced by a Pakistani Air Force fighter jet like F16, F17, or J10. Nevertheless, the hazardous situation triggering the supersonic flight over the residential area, leading to such aerial violation, remained undisclosed. It is imperative to conduct an international inquiry into the doubtful explosion that occurred on October 6, given Pakistan's history of developing nuclear weapons covertly. This fabrication conceals a possible forthcoming disaster or unrest for the locale and the world.


The head of BNM stated that Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur are integral parts of Balochistan. The entire Baloch nation, including BNM, stands in unison with the residents of these areas and will not stay quiet in the face of any conspiracy against them.

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