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BNM’s Commemorates Baloch Martyrs Day in Mashkay, Turbat, Gwadar, UK, South Korea, Germany, and Netherlands Chapters

BNM’s Commemorates Baloch Martyrs Day in Mashkay, Turbat, Gwadar, UK, South Korea, Germany, and Netherlands Chapters



BNM’s Commemorates Baloch Martyrs Day in Mashkay, Turbat, Gwadar, UK, South Korea, Germany, and Netherlands Chapters 




On Baloch Martyrs Day, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) organized events in various locations including Baluchistan, the UK, South Korea, Germany, and the Netherlands. In Balochistan, BNM successfully organized events in Mashkay, Turbat, and Gwadar, which were attended by BNM members.


To commemorate November 13, BNM initiated a media campaign on November 1. This included the publication of a multimedia presentation and a short documentary in five languages. Additionally, BNM's media and IT team conducted a coordinated social media campaign on the 'Baloch Martyrs' accounts, publishing hundreds of content about Baloch martyrs.


The main program organized by BNM abroad took place in London, where BNM Junior Joint Secretary Hasan Dost Baloch, Baloch writer Dr. Naseer Dashti, and World Sindhi Organization Leader Dr. Lakho Lohana delivered speeches. The event was attended by many people, including BNM members and sympathizers of the Baloch Movement. It was also broadcast live on various social media platforms.


In Balochistan, the events began on November 11 with a reference session organized by Shaheed Sulaiman Organizing Body Turbat. The session was presided over by the President of Shaheed Sulaiman Organizing Body. During the session, speakers highlighted the constant resistance of the Baloch nation against British invasion and occupation.


On November 12, a grand function was organized in Shaheed Anwar Advocate Kech Gwadar zone, under the chairmanship of Baba GR. The program was attended by Yusuf Baloch, a former central committee member of BNM, as the chief guest. Dr. Jalal Baloch, Vice Chairman of BNM, also participated in the event. Several speakers, including Muhammad Anwar Baloch, Ruzhn Baloch, and Shay Bahar presented their views and paid tribute to the martyrs.


Furthermore, on November 13, a function was organized by BNM Mashkay zone, chaired by Ustad Mehran Baloch, the organizer of BNM Mashkay zone. BNM Welfare Secretary Muhammad Iqbal Baloch and Central Committee Member Chief Aslam Baloch were also present. Several other speakers, including Sarbaz Wafa, Zeeshan Manan, Zuhra Baloch, Rehan Baloch, and others, expressed their thoughts and honored the sacrifices of the martyrs.


The speakers emphasized that the existence of the Baloch nation today is a result of the sacrifices made by Baloch martyrs. They called for unity against the atrocities perpetrated on the Baloch nation and highlighted the importance of the Baloch national independence movement for the survival of the Baloch nation.


The German chapter initiated the overseas program, which was conducted by BNM Germany at three different locations. Unfortunately, the programs were affected by rain; however, many activists still went out on the streets to pay their respects to the martyrs and light candles in front of their pictures. These programs took place in Berlin and Hannover, and the series of events in memory of Baloch martyrs is still ongoing in Germany, with the final program scheduled for November 30.


Similarly, the BNM South Korea Chapter organized a rally and candle-lighting ceremony in memory of the martyrs, continuing their wonderful tradition. Despite the bad weather, activists gathered at the city stop of Busan, carrying banners and photos of the martyrs. The participants were addressed in Korean and English. Banri Baloch presented BNM's stance and the significance of Baloch martyrs in English, while Bakhtawar Baloch communicated the message to the local people in Korean.


It was highlighted that, since the British attack on Balochistan on November 13, 1839, the Baloch nation has been sacrificing their lives for their freedom. Historically, the Baloch has always been a free nation that never accepted slavery. Even today, the Baloch nation strives to be free from the domination of others.


In the Netherlands, BNM commemorated the Baloch martyrs on November 13. During this event, various individuals addressed the audience, including BNM Netherlands President Abdul Wahid Baloch, BNM Human Rights Department Paank’s Media Coordinator Jamal Baloch, BNM members Dr. Latif, Muhammad Baloch, and Sara Bakshi.

The speakers emphasized that thanks to BNM, we are now remembering our national martyrs, and their sacrifices have not been in vain. While we may not know if our generation will witness the independence of Baluchistan, it is crucial to strengthen our institutions as much as possible to ensure the success of the freedom struggle.


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