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BLF claims responsibility to Attack on Pakistani military in Jaho, Six personnel kills including a Subedar

BLF claims responsibility to Attack on Pakistani military in Jaho, Six personnel kills including a Subedar


30 / 10 / 2023 BLF  ,  Eastern Balochistan 97

BLF claims responsibility to Attack on Pakistani military in Jaho, Six personnel kills including a Subedar


Balochistan Liberation Front spokesperson claimed responsibility for the attack on the Pakistani military in Jaho last Sunday. 

Major Gwahram, spokesperson for BLF said in a statement that their's organization's Sarmachars killed six officials and seized their's weapons. Rocket fire was also carried out at a nearby checkpoint during the attack, which occurred at two o'clock in the afternoon.


This attack was carried out on a unit of the Pakistani military in the Baderang Nonrada area of Jaho. According to the planned strategy, the attack was carried out from the nearby Pakistani military battalion headquarters in Koharo by a Combat Reaper Team (CRT) of the Pakistani military.


The BLF planned this attack with the help of two different groups. One team closely monitored the Pakistani military's battalion headquarters in Koharo with extreme skill and kept them informed about the movements of the Pakistani military. Upon receiving the information, they laid in wait closest to the Pakistani military's path in Baderang. When the enemy approached their target, they launched an intense attack, resulting in the death of six officials before the enemy could react.


The Pakistani military authorities have confirmed and identified the two slain officials as Deputy Subedar Asif Irfan Resident of District Okara Punjab, and 25 years old Soldier Irfan Ali Resident of District Sargodha Punjab. The Public Relations Department of the Pakistani military is concealing the deaths of their other officials. There was no resistance from the Pakistani military group during this attack. The Baloch militants did not give them a chance to fire a single shot and took away their weapons after the attack. However, the nearby checkpoint fired back at the Baloch militants, forcing them to stay behind the walls of the checkpoint.


After the attack, all Sarmachars successfully managed to evaluate the area safely.


The Pakistani military has confirmed the attack, but as always, they have lied that only two Baloch militants were martyred in this attack. The claim of the ISPR is a complete lie. The enemy is trying to hide their defeat and embarrassment. BLF had already warned in its previous statements about these attacks. As a result of the BLF's operations, the enemy has vacated several posts and checkpoints.


Despite the enemy's superior numbers and resources, they are suffering defeat on every front in Balochistan. The enemy army is only targeting unarmed civilians and is trying to spread its conspiracy by forming groups of criminals in Baloch society. The Baloch nation should support the militants with patience and resilience so that together we can successfully remove the enemy from our land. As long as this army remains occupiers, the Baloch nation will remain in trouble. The nation should rest assured that BLF will not leave any front empty for the enemy. Powerful force will be used to restrict the enemy's movements in Baloch land. These attacks will continue with intensity until the liberation of Balochistan.


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