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BLA pays tribute to martyrs of Wali Thangi

BLA pays tribute to martyrs of Wali Thangi


13 / 11 / 2023 BLF  ,  Sarmachar 49

BLA pays tribute to martyrs of Wali Thangi


Baloch Liberation Army's spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch paid tribute to Martyrs of Wali Thangi in a detailed statement released to media and said that "On 14 September 2023, freedom fighters of BLA raided a Pakistani military camp in Wali Thangi, Quetta. The enemy camp was captured, eleven enemy personnel were eliminated and their arms and ammunitions were confiscated.


He added" During this operation, three valiant warriors of Baloch Liberation Army’s Fateh Squad, Meeran Mohabbat alias Guru, Shahid alias Durra and Faiz Ahmed Buzdar alias Diljan gave the ultimate sacrifice.


He added that "The operation was commenced with fierce attack on the security posts of the enemy camp. During capture of these posts Meeran Mohabbat alias Guru embraced martyrdom. However, the BLA fighters continued their operation and successfully captured the enemy posts.


Later the enemy forces initiated an aggression in the area, equipped with gunship helicopters and drones. On the second day of the operation, members of BLA’s Fateh Squad attacked enemy troops to secure an evacuation route for BLA fighters.


In close combat, four enemy SSG commandos were killed, while two brave warriors of BLA, Shahid alias Durra and Faiz Ahmed Buzdar embraced martyrdom.


Martyr Meeran Mohabbat alias Guru hailed from Aabsir, Turbat. He left the comforts of life in a foreign country, and joined BLA in 2021 to serve for the Baloch liberation struggle.


Shahid alias Durra s/o Dur Bibi hailed from Balochi Bazar in Aabsir, Turbat. After graduating in Computer Sciences, he joined BLA in 2021.


Faiz Ahmed Buzdar hailed from Koh-i-Sulaiman. He joined BLA in 2022, and due to his capabilities he was promoted as a patrolling commander in a very short time.


On the occasion of 13 November, BLA pays rich tributes to Faiz Buzdar, Shahid, Meeran and all other martyrs who gave ultimate sacrifices for Baloch national struggle. BLA vows that the sacrifices of the martyrs will never be forgotten, and their objective of independence of Baloch motherland will be achieved sooner or later. BLA hopes that the whole Baloch nation will commemorate this martyrs day with full vigour.


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