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Security forces of Pakistan are arbitrarily arresting the women and girls across Baluchistan

Security forces of Pakistan are arbitrarily arresting the women and girls across Baluchistan


24 / 02 / 2023 Articles 40

Arbitrary arrest of Mahal Baloch  and illegally planted weapons upon her tantamount breaching  the adjective and substantive laws of land , International Committee of the Red Cross and International customary law.

Mahal Baloch's home was raided in midnight ,which is situated in Satelilite Town Quetta, on 18.02.23,without any lady police officers, she and her family members including her two kids were illegally arrested from Quetta,  they were detained in police station, the kids and other family members were released, but Mahal Baloch was detained in Police station and planted weapons upon her.

It is pertinent to point out that International humanitarian and human laws jealousy safeguard the women dignity, in particular in jails and internments. The security forces of Pakistan are arbitrarily arresting the women and girls across Baluchistan with widespread and systematic attack without observing the basic principles which are enshrined in the Standard Minimum Rules for non-custodial Measures. In this direction, Pakistani law enforcers have badly failed to ensure the gender - sensitive issue of international humanitarian and human rights laws. Recently the law enforcement agencies have arbitrary arrested Rashida Zehri and her husband named  Rahim Zehri.

The behavior of Pakistan law enforcers constitute  crime against humanity which is an international substantive crime.

The Standard Minimum Rules emphasize the many aspects of prison life,including the need to maintain discipline in the provisions of the Body Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment. For women, especially, there are no-clear -cut boundaries between physical, psychological, sexual and social violence.

Any violence perpetrated on women, by definition vulnerable in detention always carries the threat of sexual aggression. During arrest and /or in detention. Women are all the more exposed to the risk of ill-treatment. Therefore according to International standards, the law enforcement agencies are legally bound to arrest an woman accused on 6am within 6pm in the presence of senior police officers, the internees must be detained in separate internments in supervision of ladies jailers and stoffs. Unfortunately, the security forces are acting ultra vires and flouting the all norms, international humanitarian and human rights laws, Geneva Convention and the International Committee of the Red Cross.The security forces of Pakistan are infringing the non- derogable rights,inherent and dignity of Baloch womenfolk which tantamount of violation peremptory norm of general international law.

The upshot of my paper is that in this age of feminist, human rights, empowerment of women, globisation,digital and enlightenment, the Baloch Woman and girls are being victimized sexually in torture cells and military internments . The United Nation and International States Community are deviating from their international obligations in this conscience shocking situation. Their silence constitute vicariously guilty of self-seeking apathy, of culpability. Therefore, in this regard Bernard Shaw in his play (The Devil's Disciple) ironically and co-incidently, which has been written in the context of United States struggle for its independence against Britain Imperialist. Bernard Shaw thundered that "the worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them :that's the essence of inhumanity."