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Shari A name of the new Chapter in Baloch Resistance History!!

Shari A name of the new Chapter in Baloch Resistance History!!


16 / 05 / 2022 Articles 236


It was the afternoon of April 26 when news was heard that a loud explosion had taken place inside the university in Karachi.  After thousands of questions and answers at the same time began to revolve around the mind that this is must a “Fidayee” A (Self-Sacrificing Attack), but did not know that this time it would be the name who’s open the new chapter in Baloch Resistance History.

While still wondering, the next news came from the BLA organization media, I was shocked because she was a first self-sacrificing woman of BLA’s Majeed Brigade. My eyes were filled with tears while saw the picture of “Shari”. When I saw the smiles of Shari Baloch, there was a kind of a courage, a strength, an enthusiasm, then I realized that a new history is begin to born, One thing shook me again when I found out that Shari is a mother of two innocent children.  Oops, what a madness, what a love, what a pain. May be the children do not yet know where their mother is but when they grow up they will be proud and proud that they are the lucky children born from the womb of such a brave and courageous mother.  How happy and proud you will be to see the role of model in Baloch Resistance History!

Balochistan is the identity of the Baloch nation and the motherland with which our faith is rooted. This is the love of the land, in the womb of which a brave and fearless sons and daughters like a fearless Soul “Shari”is born.

At the point where the Baloch national struggle has reached today, perhaps the so-called occupying state of Pakistan is well aware that the Baloch nation is not going backwards at all, but has got the habit of going two steps forward instead of one.

I am proud to say that the way in which the Baloch youth despite having the gender differences have made sacrifices in the national struggle, today they are seen standing beside their brave brothers and their sisters.

Today, Shari Baloch has removed all the questions in our minds that a woman is never weak. Rather, the thinking of a weak person is that if we have the best and positive and decisive thinking, the difference between man and woman will automatically disappear.

A brave daughter like Shari will be remembered by the world that not only took such a path but also started this great path behind which thousands of Shari will be waiting. 

I have finally reached this stage. Characters like Shari are the glory of the Baloch national struggle and the chapter from which our national struggle has flown so that the cowardly enemy no longer considers living in Balochistan.

The image of the Shari who sacrifices herself for the sake of motherland in such a way seems very positive at first glance. However, this figure perpetuates the notion that the Baloch women in Baloch struggle resistance should be selfless rather than portray selflessness as a desirable characteristic for any morally upright human being, it is portrayed as a suitable characteristic for women. The female is supposedly the moral center of society, so Shari is the character who sacrifices her today for the better tomorrow and the martyrdom is a role model for all women to follow in achieving the goal of free, secular land Balochistan.

Shari!  I am not such a writer, that I would be able to fulfill the role of a character like you. I would say that you have shown us the best and straight way. that hatred of slavery is only be ended through the continuous resistance against the occupier state. I salute and pay tribute to your great sacrifice you made for us. I consider you as a “Hero of Balochistan’s Freedom Fighter”. shari you will always remain immortal in our hearts.