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The door of remembrance | A book review by Hatir Aslam

The door of remembrance | A book review by Hatir Aslam


21 / 09 / 2022 Articles 198

Thrangani Dar (The door of remembrance) is a charming and romantic Balochi novel authored by a Baloch novelist, Mola Baksh Bahar. The book was published by Sichkan Publication Gawadar in 2013. There are total eleven chapters in the book. And it is based on a love story. It begins with the main character, Mahnaz, the most beautiful girl in her town.

Several guys sent their proposals to her, but were rejected even Mahnaz' aunt, Mahgul came to her home for the proposal of her son, Birahak to Mahnaz but Mahnaz' eldest brother, Guhram, rejected his proposal. For a reason, Mahnaz was a well-educated and cunning girl and Birahak, on the other hand, was uneducated and was squandering his time.

After some months, Mahnaz met Meeran, Guhram's bosom buddy. Since then, she astonishingly agonized herself in his love. She recalled him in her thoughts time and again as she was lost in his love.

To twist the story, Meeran was in love with her, too whereas nobody was aware encompassing Guhram and Mahnaz. He had never seen such a pretty beautiful soul before but he was a bit in dilemma to ask for her hand. He thought broadly if he could propose to her, might Guhram think that his friendship was for asking her beloved sister's hand. So didn't do that.

Meeran was a wealthy, healthy and funny guy and was loved by each member of Guhram's family. He used to joke a lot and they were entertained to hear his humorous jokes.

After several days, he visited Guhram's home where he saw a marriage ceremony and asked whose marriage was that. As per the answer he immediately left from there and got lost for eight months. Guhram's whole family was shocked and curious that where he was and why he didn't visit them.

But, Guhram's father exposed the truth that Meeran used to love Mahnaz and also he had asked for her hand whereas her engagement had already been done.

She was engaged with a boy who later became a thief and was prisoned for some years. Due to his notoriety Guhram broke Mahnaz's engagement with him.

After listening this, Guhram was coerced by each of his family members to search for Meeran and surprised him for his engagement with Mahnaz, his love and lover. Mahnaz was cheerful to hear that.

Finally, they married happily and they loved each other better than themselves. Some years passed, Meeran became lazy and crazy. All the villagers reported that he uses drugs whereas the real story was another. The real story was only known to Meeran and Guhram.

However, his listlessness troubled Mahnaz and one day she found some tablets from his pocket and highly begged him to leave drugs and Meeran refused that. After his disagreement she left for her parents' home. As she arrived there, terribly scolded Meeran and her sisters and mother, too as she was apple of their eyes.

On the other side, Meeran got to be very feeble even though nobody greeted him. In hope, Meeran planned to leave for Saudi Arabia and for last some minutes he thoroughly kept looking at Guhram's home whereas he did not see Mahnaz lastly and tearfully and faintly stepped towards his destination.

One-night Guhram revealed the secret to Mahnaz that Meeran had never used drugs rather he had a disease that was incurable. Further, he informed, Meeran had wanted you happy and he had never talked about the disease so you should not be disappointed and sad after his death.

To hear that, she cried a lot and went barefoot to her home where she found nobody. She regretted on her misbehavior, cursed herself time after time and yearned for a glimpse of him.

As some years passed, Meeran returned safely and vigorously. He explained the whole story that he had dreamt his disease is curable if he goes on a pilgrimage. His dream became fulfilled finally.

Meeran became the same as he was. The smiles, the jokes, the entertainment and the laughters all were the same. Lastly, Mahnaz birthed a boy whose name Meeran kept Muhammad and they hey lived their lives happily.

Finally, I recommend you to read this romantic novel as there are few characters whose names and roles you can learn easily. Secondly, there are many incredible twists and turns per chapter. As I myself love to read those novels which twist the plots the way which even nobody believes and expects. If you like such navels, too, then this is one of them. Pick and read it asap.