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03 / 01 / 2023 Articles 42

Girls are considered to be the burden upon society.Girls are used just for the showpeace of a house.Girls are treated like slaves.

Every one wants to be independent and Every one wants to live an independent life not only the humans but also the animals but Girls are bounded in the cage they are incarcerated.

People say Girls have no rights to live independently they say Girls seem beautiful at home so,they must be at home.

We can't live our lives with our own wish because we are Girls.We can't dress with our own wish because we are Girls.We cannot sit,we cannot stand,we cannot sleep with our own wish because we are Girls. Only the only the Great sin is we are Girls.

Every body wishes to complete his/her wishes.Everyone wants to stand on his/her own feet But Girls...Before marriage they are under the control of Father and Brothers and after Marriage they are under the thumb of husband.Whatever they say,whatever they want from them so,they do just for the Happiness of parents,to be the obedient of parents or to save their houses.They remain silent as the animals which can never ever talk. We have no rights to fight for rights because we are girls.We are not capable to get justice because we are Girls.we die or we live nobody cares just because we are Girls.

The parents say don't do this, do that otherwise,what will the world say.sit like this,sleep like this or behave like this otherwise,what will the world say.Be quiet,Don't throw a single word infront of others.Be responsible,Don't do a single mistake.Whatever the people say don't give the disgusting reply in return.if they want to kill you or they want you to kill yourself silently,Do.Otherwise what will the world say.

Every rights of girls are buried by a single sentence "what will the world say".Their desires,their wishes everything is buried just for the violent world and i think the parents give birth to girls to give sacrifices in every walk of life. Poeple say Islam says Girls must do hijab.They must hide their face.They must not show their faces or they must not look at weird people.They says Islam says Girls must do this and that.They accept these but they don't put a bird's eye views to those sayings of Islam whish are for the betterment of Girls.They don't say Islam says that Education is neccesary for women also.They don't say Islam allows the girls to stand on their own feet and permits them to work outside.They don't say Islam gives permission to the girls to develope their political lives,economic,spritual and social lives.They don't say Islam allows the girls to achieve their goals.They have read about hijab but they haven't read that it is must to do.yes,It's true that Hazrat Ayesha(R.A) had never shown her face infront of strange people(men) but it's not written in Quran that it is obligatory on girls.that people kill the girls for not doing hijab.

Islam has not astricted the girls not to do whatever their desires are.Islam is not too much strict for girls as it is stringented.

When the boys dream to do something so,no body stops them even they say there is no way to had back the river if they can't stop the boys if they can't stop the fast flowing of rivers so, why Girls.Why they should bury their desires,their dreams even before dreaming,people forbid them to dream.They say Girls are not born to see the dreams.

We can't dream,we can't wish for anything,we are deprived of doing anything.But Why?

Is this the reason that we are girls? Most of the people don't educate the girls because they say tomorrow she will get marry and she will be settled in her own house.What will she do if she get Education.She has to look after the house.She has to take care of her children and husband so,it is better to be uneducated.

In every walk of life they put the girls backward even they don't think Girls can do that work which boys cannot.Boys are said to be the shoulders of their fathers. Boys are considered to be the blessing of Allah.Boys are god gifted.But the girls,they are mud of dirty shoes.Girls are the showpeace of house.Girls are slaves.Girls are servant.They are treated like donkey.

Sometimes,people thank Allah for not giving the baby girl.They say thank God i don't have daughters because daughters have lots of problem and i am not able to bear all these.Thank god i am free from all these.

Allah bless the daughters to those who have the status to nourish them.Daughters are the mercy of Allah.Daughters are blessed to the lukiest person.

In every walk of life there is the biggest hand of women.Behind every successful man there is the hand of a successful woman.Behind every king who conquered the whole world there is the hand of woman.Even Girls are real mean of resistance who can save every one from the depending dangers. But unfortunately,this world is too cruel for the girls and this world is impassive to the girls.