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Unending Tragedy of Human Rights Abuses in Balochistan

Unending Tragedy of  Human Rights Abuses in Balochistan


03 / 09 / 2023 Articles 18

Article by - Wajah Suhrab Baloch

As the world hurtles forward into the future, a grave situation unfurls in the shadows, far removed from the glare of international media and global diplomacy. The province of Balochistan in southwestern Pakistan has been perpetually embroiled in a humanitarian crisis that demands our attention and action. There are countless families who've been waiting for years for the return of their loved ones. After such protracted years of anticipation, they shouldn't be left with the grim discovery of mutilated bodies. The devastating narratives associated with Balochistan need to be thrust into the global spotlight.

For those unacquainted with the strife in Balochistan, the region has been a hotbed of secessionist movements and counterinsurgency campaigns since its annexation by Pakistan in 1948. The Baloch people's struggle is largely born out of widespread economic disparity, political marginalization, and systemic human rights violations carried out under the guise of state security operations.

The most alarming aspect of the issue remains the Baloch enforced disappearances and Baloch extrajudicial killings that have marred Balochistan's landscape over the years. Baloch Families have waited desperately for the safe return of those who've vanished, expecting the rule of law and justice to prevail. Instead, many have been confronted with torture-marked bodies, a horrifying testament to the ruthless campaign of suppression against the Baloch nation. Baloch disappearances have become a tool of terror, curbing dissent, and spreading pervasive fear among the populace.

Balochistan's enforced disappearances are not an episodic issue; rather, they've become systematic, constituting a clear and grotesque violation of international human rights norms. Despite the gravity of these crimes, the international community largely overlooks the issue, leaving the Baloch people in an abyss of fear, violence, and deprivation.

In response to these rampant abuses, it is imperative to galvanize international solidarity around the cause of the Baloch people. The world must emphatically condemn these violations and pressurize Pakistan to fall in line with its international human rights obligations.

In this regard, human rights organizations and international governmental bodies should take the lead. They must amplify the silent cries of the Baloch people and launch an impartial investigation into these recurring acts of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings. It is paramount that those responsible for these atrocities be held accountable.

Moreover, serious efforts should be undertaken to address the root causes of the conflict. Ensuring Balochistan's economic uplift and political autonomy can go a long way in mitigating the issues that fuel resentment and discord.

Let the message echo around the globe: no state can justify human rights violations under the smoke screen of security. The Baloch families of Balochistan have waited long enough. The world must wake up to their nightmare and step in to bring an end to this dark chapter in human history.