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Protest against enforced disappearances of Baloch political workers continues

Protest against enforced disappearances of Baloch political workers continues


02 / 02 / 2023 VBMP 53

Protest camp of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons against forced enforced disappearances continued for 4040 days in front of the Karachi Press Club.




Today, Mitta Khan Lassi, Dar Muhammad Lassi, Nabi Bakhsh Lassi and others came from Lasbela and expressed their solidarity with the bereaved.


On this occasion, the Vice Chairman of the organization, Mama Qadeer Baloch, said that the process of recovery of missing persons has stopped, while the process of further forced disappearances and dumping of dead bodies has accelerated but despite this, our protest camp has achieved moral success.  Every step taken for humanity is creating a new history and the world would finally have to break its silence. The history of oppression would end one day.


He said that the challenges facing the Baloch national peaceful struggle could be guessed that now the peaceful struggle has changed its phase. The situation found here has to be confronted as the government and agencies in Balochistan are forcibly abducting Baloch political workers through their death squads in the name of nationalism. The struggle itself is highlighting everything, such tyrants should always be understood as having to be fought bravely as they intensify the process to perpetuate their rule.


Mamaqadir Baloch further said that the large-scale and serious aggression of the state of Pakistan, which is guilty of human war crimes in the form of Baloch genocide, has been openly exposed to the world. After being forcibly abducted Baloch children were taken to secret torture centres and their mutilated bodies were thrown in the streets, alleys and deserts, it has become a daily routine. After a glimpse of humans buried alive was uncovered, taking this concern, how many other such unknown mass graves exist in Makuran, Rakhshan, Lasbela, Dera Bugti, and Khuzdar among other areas.