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US targets pro-Iranian militias in Syria

US targets pro-Iranian militias in Syria


26 / 08 / 2022 World 94

US President Joe Biden told US forces targeted pro-Iranian militias in Syria to protect Americans at home and abroad. His statement is a clear indication of readiness to take further steps against Iranian threats.

On Thursday evening, explosions were heard near the US base in the al-Omar oil field in the Deir al-Zour region of eastern Syria.

On Thursday, the US military's Central Command announced the killing of four Iranian militia members and the destruction of their missile platforms in Syria.

The leadership said in a statement that the strikes were carried out in response to missile strikes that targeted international coalition forces at the Koneko and Green Village bases in northeastern Syria on Wednesday.

The statement indicated that seven missile launchers of the Iranian factions were destroyed in the attack carried out by attack helicopters and artillery by the leadership.

The statement quoted US Central Command Commander Michael Corella as saying that the US will respond appropriately to attacks targeting its troops. No group can attack our forces indiscriminately. We will take all necessary steps to defend our people. 

The US military announced on Wednesday that an American soldier was slightly injured in attacks by pro-Iranian militias in Syria.

 US forces responded to two missile launches in Syria, destroying three cars and some missile-launching equipment, US Central Command said and there is a report of elimination of Two or three attackers.